Is simply orange juice healthy?

Simply Orange Juice is an American fruit juice company that focuses (as its name suggests) on the offering of multiple beverages and fruit juices. Also known, as Simply Beverages, it is a brand of The Coca-Cola Company, meaning that its name has a lot of prestige involved. Their offerings vary from juices to smoothies and plant-based beverages that have become extremely popular to the point that they could be considered a giant in the industry. While their offerings might look appealing, it is important to discover everything behind the composition of their juices to avoid causing any damage to your organism. That is why the next article focuses on discovering if Simply Orange Juicy is Healthy.

Is Simply Orange Juice Healthy?

It is important to know that this company is one of the biggest purchasers of Floria oranges for the creation of their signature juices. Also, they import other oranges from countries like Brazil and Mexico to later rely on a computer-based blending method. This is good to know as it is discovered that their oranges are not genetically modified or engineered.

When it comes to their sugar content, a single serving of any Single Orange Juice comes with 23 grams of sugar, meaning that while it is a fairly high amount, it is not as bad as other juices from popular brands.

Overall, if it is consumed in moderation, Simply Orange Juice can prove to be healthy or safe for your organism as it contains a high amount of vitamin C and it only has 110 calories per serving. It might not be a 100% natural option, but it is a great starting point for many who do not want to deal with juicers or eat fresh oranges whole. However, one of the biggest concerns that consumers have with this brand is the usage of fairly high content of sugar in their products, that is why this will be addressed in the article as well.

Simply orange juice nutrition facts

Nutritional InformationValue per serving% Daily Value
Servings per container4
Servingsize8 fl oz
Total Fat0g0%
Vitamin C0mg50%
Vitamin B30mg4%
Vitamin B60mg4%

Sugar Concentration and Composition in Simply Orange Juice Products?

While they contain a decently-high sugar composition, there are no added sugars or artificial sweeteners that could prove to be damaging for your organism even in moderate consumption. Consumers tend to exaggerate the sugar content of this juice, even if it comes with 23g of sugar per serving, which is a good number compared to other brands such as Gatorade which comes with 34g of sugar per serving in their original product.

Another important point to consider is the fact that Simply Orange Juice relies on the usage of 100% juice, meaning that the contained sugars will be 100% natural. The sugars that can be found in their products are Glucose, Fructose, and Sucrose.

Is Glucose Good in Simply Orange Juices?

Yes, in fact, they are extremely important for the cells of our organism as they are used for energy. Whenever glucose is found in the bloodstream, then the pancreas will sense high blood sugar and proceeds to release insulin to unify with the glucose. Finally, the cells take the glucose and convert everything into valuable energy.

Is Fructose Good in Simple Orange Juices?

This is actually a controversial question as many researchers believe that fructose is harmful to the organism and others believe in the opposite. Fructose gets naturally processed in the livers and then it is converted to glucose. However, after years of research, it has been determined that Fructose is only harmful if it is consumed in almost impossible numbers.

An insane consumption can increase triglycerides, which will gradually increase fat on the liver, and then bad cholesterol will increase and insulin sensitivity will be reduced. Since you would have to consume an insanely large amount of Simply Orange Juice to reach the dangerous levels of fructose consumption, it is safe to say that it will not cause any harm to the traditional consumer.

Is Sucrose Good in Simple Orange Juices?

Found in table sugars, fruits, and vegetables, this sugar is commonly used as a sweetener thanks to its unique composition of half glucose and half fructose which are bonded together. Once again, it is safe if it is consumed in moderation, and since Simple Orange Juices do not contain a large amount of Sucrose, it does not prove to be damaging to the organism.

Simple Orange Juice is Good for its High Composition of Vitamin C:

Commercially sold juices rely on processes like pasteurization which guarantee the killing of bacteria that could harm the organism. While that sounds outstandingly good, it is important to know that pasteurization (and other processes that involve heating the juice) can ruin vitamins. To cover this, many brands use synthetic vitamins, but luckily Simply Orange Juice does not count with any added vitamin, everything is natural.

But this sounds like a contradiction. If pasteurization is used, how do these products have a good content of vitamin C? Simple, this brand relies on alternate methods of pasteurization which do not use any heat, instead, they remove all the oxygen from the juice, meaning that it can not oxidize and spoil fast.

This whole process allows the juice to keep its high vitamin composition, meaning that the consumer will receive the benefits of orange juice. Orange juices work as a powerful antioxidant, reduce bad cholesterol, and fortify the immune system.

Simply Orange Juice Proves to be Good.

As it was explained before, there are man characteristics and features that make these products reliable and safe for consumption. However, just like many other juices, it is vital to avoid extreme consumption due to the sugar composition. Also, its high composition of vitamin C makes it a truly wonderful product for those who are looking for drink options to have in their refrigerator.

Obviously, there is nothing like having your own fresh-squeezed orange at home and using your juicer to make a 100% natural option, but when you do not have the time to prepare something like that, it proves to be good to rely on products like these. Just consume it in a moderate way and everything should be good to go.

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