Is sola bread healthy?

The answer for the bread lovers is, YES! It is absolutely safe and healthy.

We all know that slices of breads are a major source of carbohydrates and they have higher percentage of gluten in it. People avoid carbs in their diet for health benefit. Though bread is not harmful but it’s certainly not a healthy option. But if you love eating bread yet concerned about your health, you can definitely try sola bread. So is Sola bread healthy?

Let us find out more about Sola Bread.

What is a Sola bread?

The website of Sola claims that Sola bread is low in carbs (4 grams or lesser in carbs compared to other breads). Therefore all those health freaks who have quit eating bread, can eat their favorite sandwiches without consuming extra carbs through their bread.

The brand claims to have: 80 or fewer calories, 30% lower sugar content than other adult bread, 6 grams of protein, and 4 or fewer grams of net carbohydrate.

The company also claims that the bread can stay absolutely fresh for up to two weeks if kept at room temperature and if kept frozen it can stay stored for up to a span of six months. They recommend freezing shortly after opening and taking it out as per your requirement. Rejoice! No molds.

The stats and ingredients of sola bread

So here are some facts that you should keep in knowledge about the bread.

As mentioned above it is safe for consumption and it isn’t evil. Moreover, it is among the world’s most enduring and oldest foods. But what they put in the making of the bread really matters.

Let us have a detailed look at their ingredient list and their nutritive contents. Shall we?

We will look at the list according to the varieties they sell. They have the two most selling varieties.

Golden wheat (white wheat bread)

  • Ingredients; Water, soybean oil, wheat gluten vital, oat fiber, wheat egg flour, resistant starch, tapioca starch (resistant), flour of sunflower seed, 2% or less content of the following- dry yeast (instant), soy flour, vinegar, flaxseed meal, salt, erythritol, nonfat milk, powder of buttermilk, tagatose, cane sugar, maltitol, cellulose gum, soy lecithin, wheat flour, enzymes (for freshness), guar gum, extract of monk fruit, stevia, dough conditioner (enzymes, salt, ascorbic acid, wheat flour), and xanthan gum. It also contains milk, eggs, wheat, and soy. If you have a doubt about any of the mentioned ingredients just Google up!
Nutrition factsSola Golden Wheat Bread
Units1 slice (26g)
Total Fat4g
Vitamin D0mcg
Iron0.4 mg

Deliciously Seeded

  • Ingredients; Water, soybean oil, wheat gluten vital, tapioca starch (resistant), resistant starch, oat fiber, seed mix (flaxseed, hulled millet, chia seed, sunflower seed), wheat flour, eggs, flour of sunflower seed, 2% or less content of the following- dry yeast (instant), soy flour, vinegar, flaxseed meal, erythritol, nonfat milk, salt, tagatose, cane sugar, buttermilk powder, calcium propionate, cellulose gum, soy lecithin, maltitol, additional enzyme, stevia, monk fruit extract, guar gum, for freshness (enzymes, salt, wheat flour), dough conditioner (ascorbic acid, salt, enzymes, wheat flour), and xanthan gum. It also contains milk, eggs, wheat, and soy.
Nutrition factsSola Deliciously Seeded Bread
Units1 Slice (27g)
Total Fat5g
Vitamin D0mcg
Iron0.5 mg

Other Sola products nutritional facts:

Nutrition factsSola Golden Wheat Hamburger BunSola Sweet Oat Bread
Units1 Bun (64g)1 Slice (27g)
Total Fat10g4.5g
Vitamin D0mcg0mcg
Iron1 mg0.4mg

Pros and cons of the Sola Bread

Here is what you should expect

The overall impression of Sola is not bad till now. But among the first few top ingredients on the list is gluten. It means that this bread has a high quantity of gluten. Thus, for those who eat gluten-free food, it is a piece of bad news. And for those who are allergic to milk, nuts, and eggs, stay alert. It is high in protein that is for sure.

The aesthetics of Sola bread it is not huge, that is they are small in size. So you can do portion control. Sola bread is jot like normal pillowy textured bread, rather it is hard compared to regular breads available in the market. Sola breads are quite dense than the normal ones in the market.

Taste of Sola bread

Here is what sola bread tastes like and it’s actual texture:

If you prefer toasted bread then sadly it tends to turn a bit chewy after toasting and the seeds in the ‘deliciously seeded’ variety did get a little burnt while toasting. So you have to struggle quite a bit to cut into the bread. Despite the small portion, the Sola bread are quite filling. It has an earthy flavor.

So the verdict of the question is sola bread healthy? Is majorly yes and a little no.

But if you need to invest in good bread and a healthier version than your daily local bakery’s bread then Sola bread can be a very good option. The market price is not more than the local bakery’s bread. So it won’t dig a hole in your pocket.


If you want to enjoy eating bread without thinking much about the carb intake then Sola bread undoubtedly offer you a healthy alternative without compromising on the flavors. Sola bread has less sugar content (almost 30%) than other market available bread and they are high on protein too. We all know that low carb intake reduces blood sugar fluctuations (diabetic friendly). They don’t have any artificial colors or flavors as well. Thus, Sola bread will satisfy the carb cravings in less than 80 calories. Lastly, Sola bread have a Glycemic index of 4.

But an alert for all the people who prefer gluten-free food. Sola bread contains gluten as one of the topmost ingredients on the list. People allergic to milk, eggs, and nuts also steer clear of this.

The price range is very reasonable as compared to the local bread brands and storage is super easy as well. Thus, the overall answer to the question is Sola bread healthy and safe for consumption? Is a definite yes.

Every food has its own pros and cons but Sola bread is absolutely fit for consumption and every food has some limitations of its own and so does Sola bread.

You can always find Sola bread in your nearest retail store. Go grab yours!

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