Is Stella Cidre Gluten Free?

Is Stella Cidre vegan friendly? What does Stella Cidre beer contain? Is Stella Cidre gluten free? Many think that Stella Cidre is gluten-free and vegan friendly. But you have some confusion about its ingredients. That’s why you are here to gather more information. You want to know more about its components and other factors before going ahead.

Stella Cidre is the favorite of many. All the credit goes to its golden-brown color and taste. However, it might not be the best choice for all. If you follow a gluten-free and vegan-friendly diet, you will have to think twice before considering Stella Cidre. Do you want to know why? If yes, you can have a look at the following.

Is Stella Cidre Gluten Free?

Before going into more details, you will have to check the ingredients. You can visit its official website to know the exact ingredients that Stella Cidre uses in the beer. The Stella Cidre beer contains only four ingredients. They include barley malt, water, hops, and a unique yeast strain. Now, you know the ingredients. Most of them are fine except the barley malt. Do you think it is gluten-free?

Are you a bit confused? Barley malt is not gluten-free. The same is about its extracts. Yes, the label malt indicates the presence of gluten in the product. You will have gluten in malted milk, malt vinegar, and malted beverages. You cannot expect an exception with Stella Cidre. Therefore, Stella Cidre is not gluten free. If you follow a gluten-free diet, you will have to avoid Stella Cidre. However, there will be many other alternatives. You can keep on searching and drink responsibly.

Is Stella Cidre Vegan?

Many think that Stella Cidre is not vegan-friendly. You can check its ingredients to find the answer. As mentioned earlier, it contains yeast, water, hops, and malted barley. Also, some sources say that it uses grains, including sorghum, rice, and corn. Did you find any animal product in its ingredients?

No, you will not find any animal ingredient in the Stella Cidre. It uses only natural, plant-based, and organic ingredients. All these are safe for those following a vegan-friendly diet. Here are more details about the ingredients to avoid any confusion.

It contains barley which is a cereal grain. You will find barley in many food products, including beverages and bread. Also, barley is an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, and fiber. You might be aware that hops are flowers. They are flowers of the Humulus lupulus and a plant-based product. Also, water is a natural source. The last one is the yeast. It is a fungus that supports our digestion.

Now, you know all the ingredients and their sources. All of these indicate that Stella Cidre does not use any animal products. Also, Stella Artois has been in the industry for many years. More importantly, it uses only four natural ingredients. That helps users to avoid any confusion. All four ingredients are not animal products. Therefore, it is vegan-friendly.

Is Stella Cidre Discontinued?

Stella Cidre is not widely available like before. The bottles and cans have been taken off shelves completely. Hence, many beer lovers believe that Stella Cidre will not be available anymore. However, as stated by the Asda spokeswoman, they reduced the range of the Stella Cidre and focused more on the premium ciders. AB InBev has shifted its focus to the premium apple cider sector and fruit variants. It resulted in the reduction of the Stella Cidre.

Is Stella Artois Beer Wheat Free?

As mentioned earlier, Stella Cidre uses four natural and finest ingredients. It does not contain animal products. The ingredients of the Stella Cidre are hops, barley malt, water, and non-malted grains. It uses a unique yeast strain as well. When it comes to non-malted grain, it uses maze, not wheat. But you cannot get exact data about the unique yeast strain. It is a much-cherished secret, and Stella Artois has not revealed it.

You can expect all the finest ingredients in the Stella Artois beer. More importantly, all of them are natural and plant-based. Therefore, you can consider having this beer while following a vegan-friendly diet. But it is not gluten-free, and it might not be a suitable choice for those following a gluten-free diet.

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