Is the chia banana boost smoothie good for you?

As the days go by, new fads in the fitness industry make their debut. Similarly, nowadays you might find everyone raving about seeds in their food, specifically chia seeds. You might have wondered, “is the chia banana boost smoothie good for you, or is it just really the craze at the moment.” To simply answer that question, yes, the chia banana boost smoothie is actually good for you. It sounds a bit dubious, doesn’t it? How can something that tastes so great be good for your health? But believe it or not, it is true. The thick & creamy smoothie is packed with protein & various nutrients that are essential for our body. And to top it all off, it barely takes fives minutes to make. Talk about being wonderful!

What’s in the chia banana boost smoothie?

As the name suggests the smoothie, of course, has banana & chia seeds in it but the other ingredients include milk (vegan options such as almond, coconut, oat milk are just as great as cow milk), dates, peanut butter, rolled oats & a dash of cinnamon. As you might know, when making smoothies there aren’t any hard & fast rules, you can just throw in whatever you like, and it’ll end up tasting great but some people highly suggest that you use roasted bananas as they are much sweeter & retain their nutritional values even after being baked. There are hundreds of variations of this recipe online, you just have to look it up if you want something fancier.

How many calories is the chia banana Boost smoothie?

When looking into food for fitness, there are many criteria that people may have, one of them being the number of calories the food has. This is a common question since people generally follow a calorie-dense or calorie-deficit diet according to their fitness goals. Similarly, if you are reading this article, you might be someone who is looking into healthy options for your meals & you might have this question, “How many calories is the chia banana Boost smoothie?” To answer that you need to understand that the answer would vary according to the number of ingredients one put in their smoothie. Generally, the chia banana Boost smoothie has 569-718 calories per serving, which might seem a lot at first glance but can be easily adjusted into your diet.

Is the chia banana boost smoothie healthy?

Yes! The chia banana boost smoothie is a very healthy food. To understand this let’s examine each and every ingredient used in the smoothie:

  • Banana: It is a very well-known fact that bananas are one of the most liked fruits on the earth because of their incredible sweet taste but to boost that it is packed with nutritional value. It improves a person’s heart health as well as digestive functions. Not only does the fruit improves physical health, but it is also shown in studies it helps aid depression to a certain extent. They also help in sleep aid, betterment of vision & weight loss. They are even filled with niacin, potassium, fiber & riboflavin.
  • Chia Seeds: It is said that chia seeds are superfoods! And there is a good reason for that. Chia seeds have it all! They’re filled with nutrition. They are packed with protein, fat, Iron, Calcium, Fiber, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B1, Zinc, and Magnesium. These black seeds are something everyone should consider including in their diet, with or without the smoothie
  • Rolled oats: Rolled oats have many health benefits. They are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals & fiber. To add to that list, rolled oats are gluten-free.
  • Peanut butter: Peanut butter is filled with protein & magnesium, and is said to have heart-protective properties. It also has omega-6 in it. It is recommended that organic unsweetened peanut butter should be consumed to maximize the health benefits.

Even though there is so much goodness & wholesomeness in the chia banana boost smoothie we should remember that it also is high in natural sugars. Though natural sugars aren’t as harmful as refined sugar, they can take a toll on you if not consumed in moderation. There are many health risks associated with high sugar consumption such as diabetes. SO, you should keep this in mind & enjoy this delectable treat in moderation.

Is the chia banana boost smoothie vegan?

If you follow a vegan diet then you have good news for you, the chia banana boost smoothie is completely vegan! The great part about this smoothie is that you can change it according to your taste, dietary restrictions & preferences. You can mold this smoothie into any shape you like! The only thing you need to change in this smoothie to make it vegan is the milk as the other ingredients are completely vegan. You can substitute cow milk with vegan options such as almond milk, oats milk, coconut milk, and many more. This should be mentioned that almond milk is actually rich in Vitamin D which cow milk lacks. So, you don’t have to fear losing nutritional value, as instead of losing them, you are adding some more!


You can surely figure out from this article that the chia banana boost smoothie is a wonderful treat that is rich in taste as well as nutrients. This smoothie is really good for you. It is filled with the goodness of bananas & chia seeds. There are a huge number of nutrients that you get with just one serving such as potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, and many more. It has about 596-718 calories per serving, which isn’t quite high if you could sweat it out or just adjust it in your diet. To add to all that the smoothie is also vegan, which just adds to its awesomeness! But despite the smoothie being such a wonder, we should always take it in moderation as it might affect our health if taken in huge quantities. You can have it in the morning as your breakfast, or any other time, just don’t take it in consecutive meals.

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