Jimmy jam weight loss Journey – How He did it

Jimmy Jam is an songwriter and producer who, along with his partner Terry Lewis, has produced some of the most successful singles in R&B music. Some of these include Janet Jackson’s “When I Think of You,” “Miss You Much” and “Together Again;” the Boyz II Men song “On Bended Knee” and Mariah Carey’s “Thank God I Found You.”

Though Jimmy Jam has seen more success than most, he struggled with his weight like many others. For Jimmy, weight gain was causing some health issues that he wanted to rectify. His fans were shocked to see his sudden transformation, which caused many of them to wonder if he had gotten ill.

“Jimmy Jam weight loss” became a trending topic when fans started noticing his rapid weight loss. There were rumors swirling about his health or drastic weight loss measures. It became so pervasive that the famously private Jimmy Jam finally shared his weight loss methods with the public.

Is Jimmy Jam Sick?

No, Jimmy Jam’s sudden weight loss was not due to cancer or any other diseases that are often associated with thinner looking frames. However, his heavier weight was impeding his health. This is why he set out to lose the weight in the healthiest way he could.

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Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Plan

Jimmy Jam’s plan was not specialized in any way. He simply followed a healthy diet and exercise plan. By burning more calories than he consumed, he was able to quickly take off the weight. The best news is that this plan can be followed by anyone; not just award-winning music producers!

Jimmy Jam’s Meal Plan

Jimmy Jam’s diet consists of vegetables cooked in olive oil. He also eats salad with light oil for dressing and salmon, which is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats. A diet like this allows for weight loss and healthy cholesterol.

Jimmy Jam’s favorite vegetables are said to be brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli. He also adds quinoa, a gluten-free grain, to most dinners. Focusing on black beans rather than fatty meats, Jimmy Jam has managed to greatly lower is caloric intake.

Jimmy Jam’s Exercise Routine

According to sources close to Jimmy Jam, he starts each day with an early-morning walk. He then goes to the gym for up to two hours. He spends about half of his time cycling and the other half focused on weight lifting.

Jimmy Jam does not like to talk about his private life. Therefore, he doesn’t divulge a great deal about his weight loss journey. Still, fans can use the Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Plan to be as healthy and fit as their favorite artist.

Adopting the Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Menu

A fan that wishes to lose weight like Jimmy Jam should start by planning their daily menu out well in advance. For breakfast, start with a cup of green tea instead of coffee. Green tea has the caffeine that we all crave but it also has antioxidants and fat burning properties. Egg whites with vegetables sauteed in light olive oil provide a healthy breakfast that is low in fat and calories. Adding herbs and spices like rosemary, garlic powder or cayenne pepper can make breakfast a treat.

Jimmy Jam’s favorite lunch of salmon and salad may not be for everyone. Those who don’t eat fish can substitute salmon for braised tofu, roasted chicken breast or tuna. Instead of salad, some might like crudites. Crunchy carrots, celery and green peppers are excellent choices. A fruit salad made from berries is a healthy alternative to lunch-time dessert.

Dinner of a Buddha Bowl made with quinoa and black beans is high in protein while low in calories. Mix it up occasionally with black bean chili, polenta or broiled vegetables with brown rice.

It is important to remember to drink water throughout the day. Plenty of water helps the body flush out toxins, regenerate cells and it keeps hunger at bay. Even more water needs to be consumed during exercise.

Jimmy Jam Fitness Plan

The sad truth is that most people don’t have time to devote two to three hours per day to exercise. Therefore, most people who want to workout like Jimmy Jam may need to have an abbreviated schedule or be more creative with their workouts.

Walking, like Jimmy Jam does, is an excellent way to get some cardiovascular movement. Most people are able to walk even if their fitness level isn’t at its peak. Find an interesting and safe route for daily walks. It is even better to go walking with a partner. Most people are more likely to stick with a workout routine if they have someone else to hold them accountable.

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An hour of weightlifting at the gym might not be for everyone. A good alternative is to invest in some hand weight to keep at home. Do some light lifting while watching television or during times that are normally spent taking it easy. Gradually increase the amount of weight or the number of reps to improve overall muscle mass and calorie burning efficiency.

Jimmy Jam loves to cycle at the gym. An hour a day is a good way to burn calories without going overboard. However, cycling for an hour is not always as easy as it seems. If possible, use a bicycle for daily errands or to get to work. Another option is to use a stationary bike at home. Though they are pricey, the cost of one bike is much less than a year-long membership to a gym.

Weight Loss Reward Charts

Jimmy Jam has proven that a person does not need a prescribed food plan or an expensive personal trainer to lose weight. However, that person does need willpower and time. Eating less is hard. The same is true for being motivated enough to workout every day. Many celebs swear by weight loss reward charts.

A reward chart allows gifts or experiences for every pound lost. Rewards don’t have to be outrageous like the celebs might have, but they can be a nice bubble bath, a trip to the movies, a new book or a massage. Jimmy Jam hasn’t revealed that he used a reward chart, but his reward may have been the public support he received once he showed off his new physique.

Weight Loss Isn’t Everything

Jimmy Jam has made it clear that his weight loss journey was not about looking better but feeling better. A heavier-than-average weight does not always mean that someone is unhealthy and rapid weight loss can be even riskier than letting a few pounds hang around. It is vital to get the go ahead on any weight loss plan from a physician.

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Jimmy Jam has lost a lot of weight but he has done so in a healthy manner. The 25 pounds he has lost in the last six months is a reasonable expectation for anyone on a weight loss journey. It is important for those wishing to follow Jimmy Jam’s advice to keep in mind that sustainable weight loss can’t happen too fast.

Stay on the Journey

Jimmy Jam has stated that he plans to continue eating healthy and exercising so he can sustain his new healthy lifestyle. Anyone who adopts this plan should know that it is not a quick fix but a new way of living.

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