Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Kathryn Dennis weight loss came in as a complete surprise and left the fans divided. Did she lose weight because of drug use, or was it a result of too much stress in her life?

Let’s dive right into how Dennis lost nearly 30 pounds and emerge with a fantastic slim figure.

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

Who is Kathryn Dennis?

Kathryn Dennis is known for her singular work in the reality TV show ‘Southern Charm’. Off camera, Dennis is a model and an Instagram influencer.

Fans and viewers went into wild speculation when they saw the 30-year old appearing with significantly less weight on season 7 of the show. The way she looked, as well as her shocking transformation naturally led to the discussion that she got sick or used illegal drugs. People also commented how ‘emaciated’ she looked, with thin arms and a gaunt face, among others.

Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss Journey

Kathryn has had a relatively tough life, having to battle for custody for her kids and seeing her mother die of cancer recently. The love for her children and wanting to see them grow up might be the reason why the ‘Southern Charm’ star decided to go on a weight loss journey.

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The South Carolina native isn’t particularly overweight, as she weighed 150 pounds before shedding fat. She didn’t look too fat or skinny the first time she appeared on the reality TV series, and viewers did not notice anything wrong with her physique.

Then one day she appeared and caused quite the stir on social media and celebrity news. It’s said that she weighs around 120 to 125 pounds now, which means she lost somewhere around 30 lbs of unwanted fat.

Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss Diet

We have to admit, Kathryn is looking the best she’s ever had in years and her weight loss transformation has done wonders for her health and physique. However, was it done naturally and without the use of illegal substances?

When asked about it, Dennis claimed that she never used drugs to lose weight. She may have alluded to changing her diet to include whole healthy foods, which could explain the dramatic weight loss ‘before and after’ pictures.

Dennis’ diet seems to be working very well as she wowed her audiences with her new pics on Instagram. The lifestyle shift may have played a huge role in that she started slimming down because of conscious food choices.

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Going on a diet can lead to weight loss as long as you know what you’re doing. In the Southern Charm star’s case, she probably cut out or significantly reduced intake of fatty foods, as well as sugar and salt and began eating more whole foods and vegetables. Kathryn probably eliminated or reduced her alcohol intake and started drinking more water and maybe a smoothie or two.

We can probably say that her love for her children made this happen. It’s believed that she imparted the same eating habits to her kids and they’re now eating healthy as a family.

Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Knowing about Dennis’ weight loss exercise is crucial if you want to lose 25 pounds in a week or two. Her workout routine is pretty simple and ordinary, and it involves a lot of walking.

The 30-year old star is rumored to be working out at least three times weekly in a gym and going on hour-long walks in the neighborhood. Furthermore, it looks like she’s doing yoga as well and attending a session every now and then.

As far as details are concerned the Southern Charm personality did not reveal any specifics, such as cardio, pushups or other popular fads such as HIIT and others. Most of her workouts might have been cardio, which explains why she was able to drop so many pounds in a short time.

It’s worth noting that both diet and workout combine very well together if you want to lose weight quickly. In Dennis’ case, she did have an exercise program to burn fat and lose calories, and her food intake is now healthy. She cuts back on things that add unnecessary pounds and controls that via meal planning.

Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss Secret

Kathryn’s weight loss secret isn’t what you think. Despite the rumors that she started taking drugs to keep the weight down, it’s all concentrated effort and laser focus.

Dennis weight loss just goes to show that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. She followed her exercise regimen and diet to the letter and came away healthier in the end. It’s hard work, dedication and committing to a lifestyle to lose weight and feel better about yourself.

Kathryn has had a checkered past, marked by depression, a failed marriage and having to deal with a loved one who was lost to cancer. Despite all those things the reality show actress pushed through and did what she loved to attain her current figure.

Meal planning and cardio is a powerful weight loss combination that can lead to a flatter stomach and limbs. Protein might be a requirement to keep from being too skinny and to build good-looking lean muscles in the end.

Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss Results

The 30-year old lost a lot of weight (around 25 to 30 pounds) and consciously began a healthy eating program with whole foods, vegetables and smoothies.

Kathryn Dennis weight loss is a success story through and through. It only goes to show that you can become fitter if you set your mind to it and follow through no matter what.

Of course, running the gauntlet in terms of diet and exercise won’t be sustainable in the long run, and taking cheat days and rest is just as important to ultimately come out in great shape. For Dennis, that might mean treating her kids to the occasional burger or pizza and probably a visit to the playground.

Dennis’ new slimmer look may have surprised everyone and caught us off-guard, but it’s only a matter of time before we’re used to it.

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

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