Kelly Doty Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Kelly Doty weight loss was a pleasant surprise to her fans, as it was believed that she lost 10 pounds when she began her journey. The Ink Master participant, then judge, looked too robust when she entered the show but it all worked out in the end thanks to her weight loss secret.

Let’s take a look at Kelly’s weight loss regimen and how she approached eating and exercise.

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

Who is Kelly Doty?

Kelly Doty is a tattoo artist who hails from Connecticut and rose to prominence when she appeared on Ink Master season 8.

After taking home second place in the finals, Doty was invited back to Ink Master Angels not as a contestant but as a judge.

Ever since her return, viewers and fans have noticed something was different about her. They thought that the tattoo artist had gone on a diet as she slimmed down a bit. However, are any of the rumors surrounding Kelly Doty weight loss true? If so, how did it happen?

Kelly Doty Weight Loss Journey

While browsing through Ink Master season 8 stills and videos, then Ink Master Angels photos we can safely say that Doty indeed has lost some weight.

The space between shows is probably when Kelly decided to do something about her body. It may have been spurred by the comments and reactions she received while competing for the title ‘ink master’, or well-meaning advice sent by family and friends.

Regardless, the 38-year old went on a weight loss routine to try and shave excess pounds off her physique. It worked to an extent as it was noticeable to a degree.

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Doty is not the type of person to come out and announce her weight loss plan. On social media, the artist mainly posts pictures of her work, and people actually take to the goth-inspired, yet cutesy graphics which she refers to as bobbleheads.

So far, it’s believed that she lost a total of 10 pounds when she adopted a weight loss approach, which consists of a diet and exercise program. The young star’s journey is actually far from over, and if she really wants to succeed then she will have to be determined and follow through with her plan.

Kelly Doty Weight Loss Diet

Kelly’s diet plan is sensible- start eating healthy and trim down on the junk food whenever possible.

The 38-year old reveals that although her dinner meals are unchanged, she did alter her lunch and breakfast to encourage fat burning and ultimately, weight loss.

She isn’t on any fad diet, but has crafted an eating program of her own. It’s a gradual shift from unhealthy, fat-laden snacks to a more conscious style, marked by greens and tea instead of sugar and deep-fried foods. Her lunch consists of a salad and proteins, while her breakfast is green tea and crackers. Doty also says that she tries to avoid snacking in-between meals to keep her honest.

The ‘eat anything you like’ dinner balances out with her breakfast and lunch routine nicely, because it won’t induce cravings and helps her gradually in terms of losing fat and getting in shape. It’s worth noting that Kelly is now more conscious of what goes inside her body, which is always a plus when you’re moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

Today Kelly says she feels more energized and doesn’t rely on caffeinated drinks anymore to keep her awake through the day. Sometimes a nutritious diet is all you need to move down several sizes.

Kelly Doty Weight Loss Exercise Routine

The ‘Ink Master’ participant doesn’t take to social media that much, and if she does then it’s probably a display of her tattoo art. She did mention that she now has a training routine and specified weight lifting as her primary exercise.

Any type of movement is actually great if you start from nothing, and Kelly’s workout routine and results are a testament to this fact. Once you start exercising in a regular manner then the body adapts to the physical activity, and it starts burning all the extra calories and stored fat inside.

Even something as mundane as walking or jogging 20 to 30 minutes daily should give you a sort of weight loss regimen. Doty did not disclose her workout details or if she hired a personal trainer, but we believe that she’s been working hard to try and shed excess weight so she can look and feel better.

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Kelly Doty Weight Loss Secrets

Kelly Doty’s weight loss secrets are exactly that, and it’s unlikely that we’ll hear from her unless she went on a live TV interview.

What we do know is that Kelly realized the value of healthy eating and made conscious changes regarding her diet. She started small by changing her breakfast and lunch routine, and considered supper or dinner her ‘cheat meal’ so she can stay on track and not be tempted with snacks that are out of her reach.

Also, snacking here and there may seem inconsequential but they do add a lot in the end. Doty tries to avoid this by not having any at all and only eating three times daily (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Certain foods, such as green tea and vegetables are proven to work in losing weight as they contain lots of fiber and are filling in their own right. This cuts down on calorie intake, and the vitamins and antioxidants are a welcome plus.

Kelly Doty Weight Loss Results

Kelly’s weight loss progress is small but it’s slowly building up to where we can see positive results. Currently, she lost around 10 pounds or more but that can lead to 30, 50 or even a hundred pounds of lost weight if she commits to it in the long term.

Any activity geared towards better health and well-being is always a positive endeavor, and we applaud the 38-year old’s decision to slim down and start taking care of her body. Her career and future is looking especially bright and healthy, thanks to her weight loss transformation!

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

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