Kenan Thompson weight loss Journey – Diet, Workout

Kenan Thompson is a huge inspiration to people because of his success in the long-standing and popular late night show Saturday Night Live. What you may not know is that the Hollywood comedian underwent a physical change in that he lost a lot of pounds with a traditional workout and a shift in diet. Here’s Kenan Thompson weight loss journey in full detail.

Who is Kenan Thompson?

Most SNL viewers will remember Kenan Thompson as the ig guy’ who’s always handing out witty and funny remarks. The American actor is now noticeably slimmer and fitter due to an unplanned weight loss routine.

Kenan Thompson was born on May 10, 1978 and had a younger sister and older brother growing up. His family resided in Compton, California and moved to Atlanta, Georgia shortly after he was born.

Thompson discovered his love for acting when his mom enrolled him in classes at an early age. He appeared in various school plays, and the show he Price is Right’ served as an inspiration and dictated his acting style.

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Kenan Thompson had his first break in ll That’, then on the Nickelodeon show enan and Kel’. Afterwards, he started working on his first film, 2: The Mighty Ducks’. Thompson’s acting versatility showed in his appearances in ood Burger’, at Albert’ arbershop 2: Back in Business’ and nakes on a Plane’

His highlight is easily in 2003 when he joined the Saturday Night Live show. From there, Thompson won a Primetime Emmy and has been a staple ever since.

When it came to losing weight, Thompson admitted that it wasn’t planned, but he did have to make a few changes to his diet and lifestyle.

The Kenan Thompson Diet

Diet is always an important component in any weight loss routine, and Kenan Thompson understands this more than anyone. To get to where he is now, the SNL comedian had to make several changes and turn his diet into a healthier one.

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Thompson did not go into any specific diet program, or went into a strict eating plan but he did leave out several food groups to lose unwanted fat. Also, he did not reportedly take any weight loss pills nor have a specific timeline on when he wanted to lose weight.

To start shedding pounds, Kenan Thompson began cutting out sugar in all its forms. It was probably a difficult thing to do, since Thompson mentioned how he grew up drinking soda when he was a kid in an interview with Wendy Williams. But the Saturday Night Live actor didn’t stop there- he had to eliminate pastries, cake, bread and sugary drinks as well.

Cutting out sugar is a key component in the Kenan Thompson weight loss journey. His inspiration was his kids, who he wanted to be there for as they grew up. It was also in the interview that the Hollywood actor revealed his workout program and the other things he did in order to shed unwanted pounds.

Kenan Thompson Weight Loss Program

The Hollywood actor’s weight loss program is unconventional, and Thompson did not have an exact regime or timeframe on when he did it. We already know that he cut out sugar and eliminated soda and other sweet desserts and pastries on his diet, but he also supplemented it with an old-school workout.

Kenan attributes physical exercise as another major factor to why he lost a significant amount of weight. He did ull body old school workouts’, mainly sit-ups and push-ups in order to achieve his ideal physique.

Thompson’s daily routine may have consisted of not just sit-ups and push-ups, but also lunges, squats, planks and dumbbell rows, among others. When he’s not at the gym, Kenan keeps active by chasing his kids around the house and making sure he closes his activity rings on his Apple Watch.

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Kenan’s weight loss workout seems to be well-rounded in that there’s regular physical activity throughout the day. It’s not restricted to just an hour at the gym- his Apple Watch, kids and regular sit-ups serve to burn unwanted fat in conjunction with a sugar-free diet.

Yoga might have been part of Thompson’s weight loss routine as it refreshes the body and mind, and the poses build muscle and keep them in shape. What’s remarkable is that Thompson did not hire a personal trainer, sign up for a fad diet or observe any celebrity diet to get to where he is today.

Did Kenan Thompson Take Weight Loss Pills or Surgery?

Kenan Thompson went the old-school route and began making sensible eating decisions. One thing he did to improve his health and start his weight loss journey was to cut out sugar from soda, cake and other sweet treats. As for meat, he went vegetarian-friendly and reduced his cholesterol and fat intake.

Thompson did not rely on modern techniques, such as fat burner pills or surgery to get slimmer and lighter. It’s worthy to note that his workout routine was also done old-style, which was push-ups and sit-ups, aside from practicing yoga and running around the house chasing his kids.

Kenan Thompson is an inspiration to those who intend on losing weight. You really don’t need to get into a fad diet or follow a strict eating regimen to lose a few pounds. To start, you need to cut back on unhealthy foods and stay away from sugary treats even if you’ve had them for the longest time.

Kenan Thompson before & after

How Much Weight Did Kenan Thompson Lose?

Kenan’s journey has been remarkable but there wasn’t any specific details on how much weight he lost or the weeks or months he spent following the routine. These choices were integrated into his daily life and lifestyle, and as a result he’s slimmer than he was before.

Based on the looks, diet and workout regime Kenan Thompson probably lost around 20 to 25 kilos. His dedication to maintain a healthy routine paid off big in the end, and he can now enjoy his time with his beautiful wife and kids better because of this.

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