Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Journey – Surgery?

Kirsten Vangsness has been getting much attention lately not just because of her success in Hollywood, but in her weight loss transformation as well. Her most remarkable achievement in terms of losing weight could very well be her slimming down from 200 lbs to just 150 lbs.

So, how did Kirsten Vangsness lose weight, and what did she do in terms of workout and diet that made her what she is today? Read more below and find out.

Who is Kirsten Vangsness?

Kirsten Vangsness is a Hollywood actress who’s most notable for her role in the hit crime show Criminal Minds. She plays FBI analyst Penelope Garcia, who’s adept in using the computer to solve crimes.

The American actress and writer has also appeared in several TV shows and movies, including Shelf Life, Vampire Mob, The Chicago 8 and In My Sleep.

Kirsten was born July 7, 1972 in Pasadena, California and was raised in Porterville and Cerritos. She attended and graduated from Cerritos High School, then Cypress College and California State University.

She wasn’t born into acting- rather, Kirsten took it up in order to overcome her innate shyness. In the theater, she got her first big break and won several awards such as the Golden Betty Award, Best Emerging Comic Actress, LA Drama Critics Award and 15 Minutes of Best Actress Award. Needless to say, her career took off from there.

In terms of childhood and weight type she was always among the chubbiest in her class and kids her age. For most of her life Kirsten struggled with obesity but that didn’t let her affect her life goals and ambition.

Her role as Penelope in Criminal Minds serves as a testament to her weight, where she was mostly seen putting on pounds. Then in 2014 she surprised everyone with a new, slimmed down physique at the red carpet during the 10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards.

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Program

You may be wondering, what did Kirsten Vangsness do to lose 50 lbs?

Aside from the fact that she regularly worked out at the gym and started a diet, Kirsten followed a simple plan laid out by a weight loss advisor by the name of Renee Stephens.

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Her remarkable transformation is largely attributed to the program and the start of a healthy diet. The rumors that she took weight loss pills or fad diets is simply untrue- Kirsten actually shared her weight loss secret (which isn’t a secret) on social media.

The reason why Kirsten Vangsness lost 50 lbs. quickly was because she listened to a podcast and read a book by Stephens Renee. Truth be told, it’s not a drastic diet change but it does have an unconventional approach to getting the physique you want.

Renee Stephens is a renowned weight loss advisor whose formula has worked for those who are just about ready to give up. She was very much like Vangsness in that she was overweight most of her life, which spurred her to take action and develop a system she and others could use to slim down and be in their best shape yet.

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Stephens has more than 150 podcasts where she shares her weight loss program to those who are at the end of their wits trying to shave off pounds. She also has several books to accompany individuals and teach them the Full-Filled system.

The Full-Filled system is an inside-out plan that aims to change the dieter’s relationship with food. Stephens also teaches new-age techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy, among others.

In about three years’ time Vangsness followed Stephens’ philosophy and changed how she thought of food. Instead of relying on supplements and rigorous exercise she opted for the natural and spiritual way, and in the end enjoyed success. Furthermore, the Hollywood actress decided to change her lifestyle for the better.

Did Kirsten Vangsness Work Out to Lose Weight?

Kirsten understands that every diet should be accompanied by exercise, and for this reason she started working out at the gym.

Exercises such as the deadlift can help accelerate metabolism and allow the body to burn unwanted fat. When doing deadlifts, the Hollywood actress shared that she imagines that she’s riding a unicorn. Other than that, it looks like Kirsten does not follow a type of exercise program or a schedule of when she works out.

Did Kirsten Vangsness Have Surgery to Lose Weight?

It’s been rumored that Kirsten Vangsness underwent surgery to take off pounds from her weight. The good news is that she did not have to resort to surgery to burn fat- her diet strategy and shift to a more active lifestyle was all she needed to get in the right direction.

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So the answer is no, Kirsten did not do surgery, nor did she follow a fad diet or take fat burner supplements. Currently, Kirsten at 150 pounds is her new lifestyle and one that she’s trying to maintain.

The Kirsten Vangsness Diet

The mindset change and shifting to healthier eating has helped Kirsten reach her desired 150 pounds. It’s said that Kirsten is a vegetarian and watches what she eats. There were rumors that she underwent a keto diet, but there’s no evidence or admission from the actress herself. In fact, Kirsten has been observing a vegetarian diet for 20-plus years now, and she’s free of meat and protein. Abstaining from artificial foods that are full of unhealthy fats and sugar seems to have worked wonders on the actress’ behalf as well.

Kirsten Vangsness Before & After

What is the Secret to Kirsten Vangsness’ Weight Loss Journey?

Kirsten Vangsness is a fairytale story of someone who’s been chubby all her life to suddenly being a good 150 lbs. Although there are rumors that she underwent surgery, followed a keto diet or took diet pills, the actress herself shared how she went from 200 to 150 lbs with a free podcast and a book from Renee Stephens.

All it took was a commitment to eating healthier, changing one’s mindset to eating and regularly working out.

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