Kit Keenan Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Kit Keenan first appeared on TV in the 2th season of the long-standing reality show ‘The Bachelor‘. What’s notable about the 21-year old is that she’s the daughter of Bill Keenan and Cynthia Rowley.

On her own, Kit runs a YouTube channel called ‘What I Eat In A Day‘ and shows the food she eats to her viewers and fans. This made people wonder, ‘did Kit Keenan weight loss actually happen?’

Who is Kit Keenan?

Kit Keenan is a young up-and-comer and the offspring of two popular figures- fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and Bill Keenan, an interior designer.

Both Kit and her mom host ‘Ageless’, a podcast about wellness, fashion, motherhood and business. On her own, she enjoys creating content on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, with topics ranging from lifestyle, fashion and food.

Focusing on her food vlog channel, we try to determine if the 21-year old has undergone a weight loss diet that’s marked by eating a variety of healthy and unique dishes.

Kit Keenan Weight Loss Journey

To be completely honest, we’re not sure if Kit Keenan actually had a weight loss regimen at one point in her life. Aside from her social media presence there’s very little information about Kit’s childhood and if she had any issues with weight gain.

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Kit and her family never discuss their private lives and if there were any health concerns. However, we do get hints on the young socialite’s YouTube videos and her recent interview surrounding her vlog channel.

What stood out is that Kit was how she was making an impact on her audience when she posts workout photos and what she was eating. She admitted that the experience was ‘eye-opening’ given the fact that she could affect people in a positive manner by helping them through their issues.

Kit Keenan Weight Loss Diet

The Bachelor hopeful posts videos about the food she eats on a regular basis on her YouTube channel, which gives people a glimpse of what her weight loss diet is.

On social media, Keenan is open to sharing information on healthy recipes as she believes that it will help people choose the right foods in order to lose weight and grow healthy.

Some of the more interesting items on her videos include veggie burgers, smoothies and meal ideas, among others. Kit supplements these posts with her own thoughts and eating programs. She says that she doesn’t follow a single diet for too long and regularly does intermittent fasting in order to stay in shape. Furthermore, the New Yorker mostly goes with a plant-based diet and at other times a protein-focused meal program.

This weight loss diet regimen might seem chaotic, but it makes sense in several ways. It’s a good idea to try out new things just to see if it works, and maybe add a bit or two and incorporate them intermittently. Based on what Keenan says, the most successful diets for the 20-year old are probably the intermittent fasting, plant-based foods and sticking to healthy and interesting meals.

Kit Keenan Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Kit Keenan’s most effective weight loss routine is perhaps her active lifestyle. This allows her to stay fit and healthy even when she binges out on a meal or two.

Like her diet, Kit’s exercise routine varies greatly. She loves to run in new cities when traveling and brings along resistance bands so she could add more intensity to her workouts. This speaks volumes about The Bachelor’s personality- she has a practical mind to go along with her superb physique.

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Keenan doesn’t go to the gym as she has one in her home. Her home gym equipment doesn’t consist of expensive, industrial-type machines and high-end equipment, but rather a foam roller, light dumbbells, ankle weights and bands. As for the workout routine and exercise, Kit admitted that she does a lot of Pilates and LISS, or low intensity steady state movements such as walking to ‘keep the muscles lean’.

For post-workout nutrition, Kit reveals that she goes for an egg and avocado combo for the fat and protein content.

Looking at her videos, the variety of workouts are in the same line as her weight loss philosophy- viewers are treated to ankle weight ab workouts, lean arm workouts, cardio strikes and back extensions to relieve pain.

Kit Keenan Weight Loss Secrets

Like most other people who post their diet and workout videos online and on social media, Kit Keenan doesn’t have any secrets when it comes to losing weight and staying healthy.

It’s safe to say that she did not undergo weight loss surgery such as liposuction. Honestly, she doesn’t need it and what she has right now is working very well for her.

If there is a secret, then it’s probably the fact that she goes from one routine to another when it comes to dieting. She does intermittent fasting and probably the keto diet seeing as how she cuts out carbs in favor of healthy fat and protein. Again, this varies and depending on the socialite’s whim. For exercise, Kit uses simple tools and low impact movement for low-risk results.

If there’s anything we can learn from Kit Keenan weight loss, it’s that you don’t need to invest in expensive exercise equipment to burn fat. All the items in Kit’s house can be bought online or at any fitness shop, so there’s really no excuse to start losing weight now.

Kit Keenan Weight Loss Results

Kit Keenan seems to be doing well for herself, having thousands of followers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Aside from sharing fitness and food videos online, Kit has recently launched her own line of branded clothing and has collaborated with multiple artists to put their work on the product shirts, sweats and hoodies, among others. Suffice to say, Kit is on the right path to success, both business- and health-wise.

All that fitness and eating variety seems to have done Kit Keenan good. She’s fit and attractive and she looks like she hasn’t gained a significant amount of weight.

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