Lane Kiffin Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

We often see athletes headlining successful weight loss stories, but Lane Kiffin weight loss is a special exception. The football coach lost a significant 30 pounds in the span of a year- what were the measures he took to become fitter and healthier?

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

Who is Lane Kiffin?

Lane Kiffin is the head coach of college football team Ole Miss. The Nebraska native recently made headlines due to his slimmer appearance, and when asked about it, he said that he looked like ‘an anaconda that swallowed a deer, and the deer got stuck in its neck’ on camera.

Lane Kiffin Weight Loss Journey

The 46-year old American coach started earnestly losing weight in 2021 and made an impressive 30-pound reduction. He’s now sitting at 210 lbs where it was 245 before.

Anyone looking to lose weight quickly can follow Kiffin’s journey into a fitter physique. As it turns out, you just need to cut out certain foods, work out a lot and have plenty of determination and self-accountability.

Lane Kiffin Weight Loss Diet

Lane Kiffin didn’t do anything special to lose that much weight. In January 2021, the Ole Miss coach began an eating program that eliminated certain food types.

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The ‘strict diet’ consisted of limited intake of red meat, bread and alcohol. While these are not as unhealthy as junk food, too much can lead to significant weight gain. The 46-year old probably did some calorie counting and portioning if he was indeed allowed to eat them occasionally, but it’s also probable that he cut them out entirely (and replaced them with healthier options).

Rumors say that health was probably the biggest factor and ‘wake-up call’ for the Ole Miss coach, but he mentioned that he could not bear to tell his players to eat well if he wasn’t willing to do the work himself.

Lane Kiffin Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Perhaps the biggest contribution to Kiffin’s amazing weight loss transformation was his workout routine.

Lane did not follow a singular exercise program per se. It was more of an all-around effort made up of several disciplines, including running, yoga and Pilates. Plus, he regularly attended Pure Barre sessions, which may have contributed significantly to burning fat and turning it into lean muscle.

Kiffin did constantly check up on his athletes to see how they’re doing, fitness-wise. He also started a weight loss contest so he could lead by example and encourage his players to do the same.

His training intensity was said to have been increased as well so he could lose weight faster. All things considered, he probably committed to the training program and followed it religiously so he could burn fat. Kiffin’s mental game is superb as he was able to complete his exercise routine and thus enjoys a physique that weighs 30 pounds less.

Lane Kiffin Weight Loss Secret

It’s remarkable how sheer will and the drive to achieve something could make a person lose a good amount of weight in a short time. In Lane Kiffin’s case, he took away 30-plus lbs in under a year and during quarantine, no less.

The 46-year old’s secret is having a focused mindset and having accountability for his actions. As a coach, you have to set an example for the rest of the team, which is exactly what he did. Lane probably lost weight before telling his players to do the same and kept with the training and diet program as long as he could.

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Staying motivated is the x-factor in a weight loss plan. You shouldn’t give up just because you don’t see the results early, or are too tempted with fat-laden foods and snacks. It’s okay to have a cheat day or rest day every now and then as long as you stay on track to your fitness goals.

Lane Kiffin Weight Loss Results

Lane Kiffin now looks great, fitter and healthier than before on and off the camera. The weight loss results can be seen by everyone, and some people were motivated to do the same.

The Ole Miss coach now hosts a system of accountability for his coaching staff. Viewers remark how well Kiffin looks and how he inspires others to become healthier. We wish Lane all the best in his coaching career!

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

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