Luke Combs Weight Loss Journey – Diet, Workout & Tips

Luke Combs has always been a chunky kind of guy throughout his career, but in 2015 the US country singer tried a weight loss method that resulted in the shedding of 10 pounds in just a month. He also adopted a vegan diet in order to supplement his weight loss journey.

Although short, Combs somewhat succeeded and is now a better man for it. Here are the complete details to Luke Combs weight loss regimen, diet and workout.

Who is Luke Combs?

Critics and magazines billed Luke Combs as the uy next door’ type who found massive success in the music industry.

Luke Albert Combs was born on March 2, 1990 in North Carolina. The American singer and songwriter’s primary interest is in country music, a career that he favored over his education. When Combs was a child he performed at Carnegie Hall; then, when he realized his potential he moved to Nashville and released he Way She Rides’ in 2014.

Luke’s notable achievements include reaching the Billboard 200 with his album his One’s for You’, topping multiple charts with his second album, titled hat You See Is What You Get’, winning 2 iHeart Radio music awards, 5 CMA awards and 2 Grammy Award nominations, among others.

Luke Combs recently married Nicole Hocking in 2020, and became an instrumental part of his decision to lose weight and make an effort to shed unwanted fat. The two fought off multiple attacks on social media regarding double standards and Luke’s obesity.

Luke Combs Diet

Luke Combs tried a particular diet after losing a bet to Neil Tankersley, but he gave it up after just one month.

Luke Combs tried going vegan, which means he wasn’t allowed to eat meat. In an article, Luke said he was craving for it but made his mind to stick with going vegan. He recounted that he eats vegetables and protein bars and completely removed butter, milk and cheese as part of the eating program, and that he wanted to come through after 90 days (which was the bet).

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It’s truly difficult to go cold turkey and suddenly live day to day without meat, and Combs tried his hardest to stick with the vegan diet. However, he didn’t last a month and it was okay with Tankersley. In the end, Combs learned something about eating the right foods in order to become healthy, which could help him in the long run.

It’s worthy to note that Combs is likely to have type 2 diabetes and heart disease if he keeps his weight. He could adopt the vegan diet again or go with another kind of eating plan to eliminate unwanted fat and get a slimmer physique.

The Luke Combs Weight Loss Program

Luke Combs has been getting a lot of comments regarding his obesity on social media. After being tired of the endless jokes he decided to do something about it in 2015.

Luke was supported by his then-girlfriend Nicole Hocking even when he was obese. He enlisted the help of his friend, Kevin Klug who was also the owner of Klug Fitness and went on a workout program designed for weight loss.

The US country singer went on social media to post workout photos- on Instagram, Luke said he struggled with his weight and is now making conscious decisions to get into a physical regimen. He thanked his uddy’ and recommended him to others who want to lose weight.

Combs’ weight loss program gave him enough motivation that he lost 12 pounds in just a month. Although the details weren’t revealed, Luke mentioned that he had been orking his ass off’, which probably means a high intensity training meant to burn fat in the fastest way possible.

In regards to Klug Fitness, the service brings personal training to those who are looking to lose weight or gain some lean muscle. On the website, they claim to engage and motivate each client from the start up until the goal is reached. Furthermore, the company says they will challenge their clients mentally and physically in one-on-one training or group sessions.

Those who wish to follow in Luke Combs’ fitness regimen can check out the Klug Fitness website or watch any of the training videos they uploaded on YouTube. Aside from in-person training the company also offers virtual sessions.

It wasn’t clear whether Luke went on to complete the training program, and it’s very unlikely since he had a busy schedule touring around the US. Also, the loss of 10 pounds in one month may not seem like much but it’s a start in the right direction, especially for the US singer.

Did Luke Combs Take Fat Burner Pills or Surgery?

Ten pounds in one month may seem like a miracle to some, and they may be wondering, id Luke Combs have surgery?’ He may also have supplemented with weight loss pills along with the vegan diet to further boost its effectiveness.

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Luke Combs’ weight loss journey is all-natural, and the singer did not use weight loss pills nor undergo surgery to remove excess fat around his waist. The vegan diet and workout sessions at Klug Fitness may have been temporary but it just shows that you don’t need to resort to fat burner products or follow the latest celebrity diet in order to slim down.

Luke Combs Weight Loss Journey

Luke Combs’ foray into weight loss may seem short-lived, but if he were to continue it then he would have gotten more impressive results.

Going into a vegan diet gives the individual a focus on healthier eating, since he or she will be forced to eat more vegetables and less processed meat. The absence of dairy and cheese can also cut out unhealthy foods such as cake, pastries and other sweet treats.

Enlisting in a workout program is definitely helpful in losing weight. In Combs’ case, he had the help of a friend in Kevin Klug and trained under his watchful eye. 10 pounds in a single month is definitely an achievement.

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