Milkfish benefits

Milkfish (also known as Bangus) is a silver-colored pacific saltwater fish that has great popularity thanks to its unique health benefits and usage in many foods around the world. Even though it is a complex animal, it is undeniable the fact that it offers a great source of animal protein, B-complex vitamins, and selenium. Milkfish is considered one of the healthiest fish in the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Pacific, but it is as good as they claim it to be?

Before even thinking of fitting something into your diet, it would be wise to discover and learn more about the food. In the case of milkfish, it is important to check all of the granted benefits, composition, and many other details. That is why the next article discusses the Milkfish Benefits to determine if it is safe for your consumption or if it should be avoided at any cost.

Before starting this article about the Milkfish benefits it’s important to point out the different names this fish receives in several languages:

LanguageMilkfish name
IndonesiaBandeng, bolu
HawaiianPua awa, awa

Milkfish nutritional facts

Nutrition factsMilkfish
Units1 piece
Calories162 (for 3 oz or 85g)
Vitamin B-12 (Cobalamine)2.78µg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)7.018mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)0.415mg
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid)0.735mg

Milkfish Benefits

As it was said before, milkfish is considered one of the healthiest fish in the Pacific, but in order to believe that, you must check all of the benefits that this fish offers the organism after being consumed.

First of all, it is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids since these fishes are filled with them. Regular consumption can help with the development of the brain and memory in children, also, it can reduce the possibility of suffering heart diseases and control cholesterol. Since Omega 3 is good for pregnant women, this fish could be considered a good option to consider.

Also, it is a good source of protein as consuming milkfish can make your body meet any protein requirements. Including this fish in your regular diet can make the body function properly thanks to the benefits that it grants. For example, it is possible to prevent coronary heart disease and increase endurance with regular consumption (at safe levels).

Finally, milkfish can prevent any micronutrient deficiency and help the body develop a better nervous system, and reduce the risk of suffering from hypertension in the future. Keep in mind that all of this can only be obtained with regular and safe consumption of milkfish, do not consume it at unsafe levels as you could get bad symptoms instead.

Is Milkfish High in Uric Acid?

Just like with many other fishes, it is safe to say that milkfish is rich and high in uric acid, does this make it a good option for people with gout? Well, some seafood is higher in purines than others, this is why anchovies, codfish, mussels, and sardines are bad for gout. On the other hand, milkfish does not prove to be bad for those who suffer from gout as it does not come with as much uric acid when compared to the previous fishes, but it would be wise to keep an eye on its consumption just in case.

Is Milkfish High in Cholesterol?

Even though this fish is a good source of many vitamins and protein it also features a significant source of fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Yes, milkfish could be considered as high in cholesterol in the great majority of situations. A 3-oz serving of milkfish can come with 57 mg of cholesterol, something that is not good by any means.

This means that a single serving of milkfish contains at least 19 percent of the recommended daily limit of cholesterol in adults. So if you decide to consume it a lot on a regular basis (at unsafe levels) then you could start developing bad symptoms and illnesses related to high cholesterol in the future.

Is Milkfish Healthy?

Since it has a great source of cholesterol, it is recommended to prepare milkfish just like many other fishes, but try to use different cooking methods that do not rely as much on fat or oil to reduce the fat and calorie intake. Milkfish is healthy since it comes with high-quality content of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. In fact, this fish is one of the healthiest seafood options in the Pacific.

The reason why milkfish can be considered a healthy fish is for the simple fact that it comes with great levels of protein and omega-3 fatty acids that will be important for the correct development and enhancement of the organism as these components help a lot in reducing the chance of suffering from many health issues in the future.

Finally, this fish comes with a wide range of B vitamins and Vitamin A, making it a solid choice for those who are looking for seafood that is rich in vitamins. Also, the fact that it is rich in Calcium and Zinc proves that this fish is indeed something worthy of your attention in the case that you want to include fish in your diet.

Is Milkfish High in Potassium?

Potassium is a major mineral that is found largely on the inside of body cells, making it a valuable resource for the organism. It is crucial for muscle contraction and never conduction. Deficiency in potassium can come with weak muscles, increased blood pressure, and an irregular heartbeat that could scare many individuals.

In the case of milkfish, it is safe to say that it is high in potassium, making it a wonderful food for those who do not desire to suffer from any potassium deficiency in the future. Also, it does come with other valuable nutrients and vitamins, just keep an eye on the number of servings as there is a fair level of cholesterol and fat in milkfish.

Is Bangus High in Uric Acid?

As we said, Bangus is the name of Milkfish in some countries, which makes this question the same as the replied before.

Is bangus high in uric acid? Yes, Bangus is high in uric acid just like the great majority of fishes. However, it is not as bad as others, but that does not make its purine composition go any lower. It is possible to eat Bangus if you suffer from gout, but it is not widely recommended because while you might not suffer from any immediate effect if you keep consuming it on a regular basis then you are increasing the risk of suffering from gout flare, so be extremely careful.

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