Risa Dorken Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Risa Dorken weight loss has generally been well-received, with fans saying how she looks better and more beautiful with a more sculpted physique. In a not-so-shocking reveal, we learn that all it took was self-awareness and appreciating oneself more to go from fat to fit. Let’s dig deeper into Risa’s journey to a healthier life.

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

Who is Risa Dorken?

Risa Dorken is best known for her role as Amy Driscoll in the TV soap opera ‘General Hospital‘. The American actress is a series staple cast member and appeared in more than 60 episodes.

Other than her camera appearances Risa is fairly active on social media, where she constantly shares new photos of her improved physique.

Risa Dorken Weight Loss Journey

Risa Dorken’s journey into losing weight happened only recently and when she began posting results on Instagram.

Then, her fans slowly began to understand what happened and why she struggled with maintaining her weight her whole life.

The ‘General Hospital’ star admitted that she has been trying to burn fat for a while but found it difficult due to her natural body shape. A change of mindset and lifestyle habits were key to slowly slimming down to her desired size.

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The 29-year old’s journey is not yet over, and fans are eagerly awaiting her next transformation and social media posts. The Hollywood actress still has a long life and career ahead of her, and who knows? She might land a role in a new series or movie in the near future.

Risa Dorken Weight Loss Diet

The Apple Valley native said that she’s ‘learning to fall in love’ with her body, mostly by staying healthy, watching what she eats and working out 5 days a week.

Risa admitted that she had been body-shamed all her life, and that self-love was so low that it affected her mood and confidence. The actress also said that people on social media haven’t been kind to her, which probably spurred the weight loss journey.

Dorken turned her life around and started ignoring what haters are saying. She adopted a mindset that she was going to love herself no matter what people say on social media.

Although details about Risa Dorken diet are kept mum, we can probably say that she took certain steps to eliminate unwanted pounds. Being self-aware might mean that she now actively cuts out on junk food and meals laden with trans fat in favor of whole foods and vegetables. Risa may also have started meal portioning and cutting calorie intake to reasonable amounts.

As far as the ‘before and after’ weight loss pictures are concerned, it seems that she’s slowly getting back on her feet and going through a body transformation. We can safely say that it’s not a fad diet or a drastic change to what she’s usually eating, and thus there’s a higher chance that it will succeed.

Risa Dorken Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Exercise and physical movement is another huge factor in the Risa Dorken weight loss routine. We already know that the 29-year old is working out 5 days a week, and that she’s burning calories and fat from her waist and arms.

So, what does Dorken do for gym workouts? Again, the ‘General Hospital’ actress has kept mum about the specific routines, but we can say that it’s really working as intended. In comparing ‘before and after’ shots we see a significant amount of slimming down, particularly in the waist and facial area. It could be camera filters and the star showing off her ‘best angle’, but we like what we see and apparently, so do her fans and followers.

The weight loss transformation isn’t as pronounced, which means Dorken is probably staying on track albeit at a slower pace. However, we firmly believe in the maxim ‘to each his own’, and if it works, then why change it?

Bottom line, we’re loving what we see as Risa goes from chubby to curvy, and possibly beyond that. What’s important is the fact that she started a weight loss regimen to make herself look and feel better, and that journey towards self-love makes her stronger in the end.

Risa Dorken Weight Loss Secrets

Dorken’s weight loss secret isn’t your typical fairy tale story. It’s much darker than that, but she managed to conquer her own demons in the end.

The 29-year old revealed that she was dealing with bipolar disorder aside from the body shaming she’s experienced most of her life. It couldn’t have come at a more timely manner, and she mentioned that others who may be feeling the same way should know that they’re not alone.

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After hitting rock-bottom, the Hollywood star decided to get professional help so she can get better. She now professes on social media how it took so much effort, but in the end it was all ‘worth it’.

Dorken’s secret to losing weight is more well-rounded as it encompasses her fears, insecurities and mental condition. Once you get past the burdens holding you down it becomes easier to change and move towards your goals.

Risa Dorken Weight Loss Results

Perhaps the greatest lesson learned in Risa Dorken weight loss is that you should appreciate yourself instead of being ashamed. Risa admits that she’s always been the curvy type, and that means beautiful, feminine powerful instead of just ‘fat’ for her. This kind of positive thinking is the right step towards a healthy life, which then explains how the ‘General Hospital’ star began slimming down.

The amount of weight, fat or calories burned in Dorken’s case is unknown, but the effects are significant enough that people have begun to notice. More than that, Risa now appreciates who she is and has made changes to ‘loving herself’ more.

As it turns out, working 5 days a week and watching what you eat can lead to burning unwanted fat and going down sizes. Risa Dorken is now fitter than ever, and she’s now positioned towards success not just in her career but in all aspects of her life.

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

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