Sydney Simpson Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Sydney Simpson weight loss journey may have flown under most people’s radar, but it did actually happen. Today, the former football star’s daughter is the slimmest she’s ever been, thanks to a particular supplement and exercise.

Let’s take a look at how Simpson lost weight and allowed her to be at a respectable 150 pounds.

Who is Sydney Simpson?

Sydney Simpson has had a low-key life, but that ended when her father OJ Simpson went to trial for murder of his former wife, Nicole Brown.

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After the ordeal, Simpson kept away from the limelight and worked on her passion, which includes running a restaurant and investing in real estate properties. Those who followed the news remarked on how Sydney seemed overweight, but then did a 360 and said that she actually lost a great deal of weight over time.

Sydney Simpson Weight Loss Journey

There’s not much to be said about Sydney’s journey to lose excessive pounds since the 36-year old did not reveal any facts or details about her diet.

Sydney isn’t the type to say things on camera and interviews, and she’s kept fairly mum about her personal life. There’s no documented report or anything on social media to say when Simpson began her weight loss routine, or exactly how much she lost up until now.

What we actually have is her current weight, which is approximately 150 pounds or 75 kilos. At 36 years old and 5’8 in height that falls within a healthy range, and it’s unlikely that she did any surgical procedure such as liposuction to remove excess pounds.

There were rumors that Simpson took a ketogenic supplement called Keto Extreme, but is it true?

Sydney Simpson Weight Loss Diet

Again, we’re more or less in the dark when it comes to OJ’s daughter’s fat-burning diet. Let’s explore a few options on how she might have theoretically lost weight and enjoy a lighter physique that she sports today.

First, the restaurateur may have adopted a ketogenic diet which is a very popular fad right now. It’s characterized by the intake of plenty of healthy fats and protein with a very reduced intake of carbs. This specific diet encourages the body to start burning fat as fuel instead of carbs as a way to shed excess pounds.

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Simpson may have taken weight loss supplements as well to aid her in her journey. On the other hand, she may have started eating healthy and created meal plans that give her the energy she needs throughout the day.

Once you’re more aware of what you eat you tend to lose weight naturally as a result. In Sydney’s case it might have been something she did in order to slim down and avoid health-related conditions.

A quick look at Sydney Simpson ‘before and after’ photos reveal that yes, she did lose a significant amount of weight, particularly on her face, arms and waist. We believe that a combination of ketogenic diet and meal planning may have done the trick and allowed her to get to the size she wanted.

In any case, Sydney’s weight loss diet seems to have worked very well. She’s now at a very respectable 150 pounds and the lightest she’s ever been.

Sydney Simpson Weight Loss Exercise Routine

We believe that Sydney had a workout routine she used in conjunction with her diet, mostly because she lost weight in a relatively short time.

Exercising is always recommended if you want to lose weight, which is probably what she did to burn unwanted fat. As to the exact routine or program it’s undisclosed and probably consists of basic movement. From what we’ve gathered, she probably did regular cardio and jogging to keep fit and healthy.

Cardio is probably a good workout routine to have when trying to lose weight since you’ll be burning more calories. It’s believed that she has a personal trainer to help her out, and possibly home gym equipment such as a treadmill or exercise bike so she can work out without having to leave her home.

The daughter of the famous NFL athlete keeps a private life and doesn’t mention her workouts or food choices on social media.

Sydney Simpson Weight Loss Secret

Sydney’s weight loss routine is outstanding- if we had to guess, we’d say that she’s lost upwards of 50 pounds so she could achieve her goals.

As to what exactly caused her to lose weight effectively we may never know. However, there’s still a lot of time for the restaurateur to come out in the open and admit what she did- a ketogenic diet with the help of a supplement? Or working out and planning healthy meals?

A ketogenic diet might have been key to losing all those excess pounds. It’s proven to work, and once the individual reaches a state of ketosis then they wouldn’t have to do anything else for their bodies to burn fat around their waist. The kicker would probably have been the cardio exercise, as it helps shed more weight than going at it with keto alone.

Sydney Simpson Weight Loss Results

As we said, Sydney’s body transformation has been spectacular. We’re amazed at the results- she’s managed to lose maybe 30, 50 pounds and end up at an impressive 150 lbs.

Her weight loss success is a remarkable journey, punctuated by planning healthy meals and regularly exercising to keep in shape. It might have been difficult at first for the 36-year old since she’s running a restaurant and working another side hustle- all that food will make anyone hungry enough that they forego their diet.

Sydney serves as an inspirational story for those who are struggling to lose weight. Being aware of what goes inside your body is the first step towards healthy eating. Instead of eating what’s available, you can take charge and procure the ingredients for a tasty meal that’s full of vitamins and minerals. You can also make conscious meal choices on a daily basis- choose clean protein instead of junk food and you’ll soon get to your ideal weight.

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