Sza Weight Loss Surgery? – Diet, Workout & Tips

Sza weight loss rumors surfaced when she appeared to have slimmed down on social media and during her performances. Did she lose weight the natural way, or was there cosmetic surgery involved?

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

Who is Sza?

Solana Rowe took on the name ‘Sza’ as a professional handle in the music industry. She’s an American singer born in St. Louis, MO and has achieved quite a bit of success at her age.

Sza admitted that she weighed 200 pounds at one point, then worked towards her goal of becoming fit and healthy. The 32 year old now rocks a 158 lbs body and may have undergone surgical procedures to make herself look more beautiful.

Sza Weight Loss Journey

Solana’s weight loss journey began in 2011. In 2015, she started posting about her health issues on social media platform Instagram.

She weighed 200 pounds at the start and only wore baggy clothes, probably to hide her shape. Driving home the point, the 32-year old admitted that she wore her dad’s clothes during a launch event.

Then in a revealing social media post, Sza said that she struggled with weight issues at an early age and realized that she was ‘built’ to be bigger at age 19. In her next post, she said that she lost 11 pounds of weight which means she didn’t take it lying down and actually went through a weight loss program.

In 2015, people were stunned and pleasantly surprised to find how much the singer has slimmed down. She went from 169 to 158 pounds and never looked back. She’s changed so much that if you compare her photos from 2011 and 2017 you probably wouldn’t believe that she’s the same person.

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Sza Weight Loss Diet

Diet and the right approach to eating was a significant factor in Sza weight loss. She posted three factors that contributed to her success, namely discipline, portion control and lifestyle changes.

As for the name of the diet, it’s actually a personalized one. Sza eliminated red meat and fish, and began abstaining from dairy products. Sugar and wheat were also removed, mostly replaced by complex carbs such as sweet potatoes and large portions of vegetables, including squash and avocado.

In addition, the 32-year old gave out tips to viewers on what they can do to start their own weight loss journey. She recommends eating foods that ‘feel perfect’, abstaining from supplements and green tea, and saving yourself the trouble of drinking ‘ewww’ shakes. Furthermore, the star says that you shouldn’t follow crazy diets and do what feels right.

Drinking lots of water played a key part in her daily routine. More than that, we believe that Sza was finally able to shed unwanted fat by disciplining herself to stay on track, making the right decision to eat healthy foods and refrain from eating too much.

Cutting back on calories and eating green vegetables can certainly make a person lose weight. Although her food choices are unique she managed to stay on track and was happy about the way things were going.

Sza Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Instead of talking about Sza’s exercise program, let’s talk about how her face seemed different.

People have speculated that along with the weight loss diet, the US singer may have gone under the knife to get her facial features improved. More specifically, she looked like she had rhinoplasty for her nose and a sharper chin, which may have been caused by a facelift.

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The US rapper did not disclose any details about the weight loss surgery. Instead, she mentioned how she was happy with her stretch marks and how she’s more confident with her body than before.

It’s unclear whether the 32-year old had any workout routine to lose fat, but it seemed that most of her weight loss success was dependent on her diet. If we had to guess then she probably went to the gym regularly and did some cardio exercise such as running or jogging as a pastime.

Sza’s ‘before and after’ weight loss photos are compounded because she looked a lot different, particularly her face. In a strange turn of events, the photos people used to compare her appearance have been deleted from her social media account.

Sza Weight Loss Secrets

So, what is the secret to losing 40 pounds of weight? Sza attributes it mostly to her newfound diet and discipline to stay on track.

The American artist revealed her regimen online and to those who would want to go on a weight loss journey. Meal control and the discipline to eat healthy foods largely limit calories and weight-gaining, while staying active and drinking lots of water tend to burn excess fat.

A lifestyle change can make losing weight a permanent affair. As long as you’re aware of what you’re eating, and eat foods that ‘feel right’, then eventually you’ll become slimmer and get down a size or two.

The 32-year old also hands out practical advice, such as not quitting too soon, staying consistent and not relying on a particular supplement to start shedding pounds. Her recent posts on social media are testament to the fact that you can go from 200 lbs to around 150 if you put your mind to it.

Sza Weight Loss Results

Sza is now looking her best, thanks to surgical changes done on her nose and chin and her commitment to lose excess weight.

At 32 years old she still has a bright future ahead of her. Sza’s career is truly remarkable, and the artist seems to get better as she ages. Not to mention that she’s rocking an absolutely stunning physique and looks more comfortable with her body than before.

Losing 50 pounds in a matter of months is a remarkable weight loss journey. Sza has achieved this and can now add it to her list of life accomplishments. Her fans started noticing her more and has lauded the star for being determined enough that she was able to complete her fitness goals.

We wish Sza luck in her future endeavors!

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DISCLAIMER: This article is based on assumptions that may not be real. This article is made ONLY for entertainment purpose.

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