Is Casamigos Gluten-free?

Is casamigos gluten-free

The blue agave crop, which is organically free of gluten, is the source of Casamigos Tequila. You may be sure that this quality tequila is safe and gluten-free for consumption because it is created from “100 percent agave.” George Clooney, Mike Meldman, and Rande Gerber co-founded the award-winning tequila Casamigos in 2013. It is currently … Read more

Is Kraken rum gluten free?

is kraken rum gluten free

Many people with a problem with gluten struggle with finding the right places to eat. At the same time, when they decide to cook their own food, they may find it difficult to get the right ingredients. This places a great challenge for them bearing in mind that gluten can cause health concerns in both … Read more

Is cayman jack gluten free?

is cayman jack gluten free

The internet is buzzing with questions asking- how is Cayman Jack a Beer, or how does Cayman Jack margarita have tequila? Aside from wondering why is Cayman Jack carbonated or not, the bigger question is asking is Cayman Jack gluten free? This elusive product faces some tough questions that will finally be answered. Is Cayman … Read more

Is pink whitney gluten free?

is pink whitney gluten free

Popular drinks come and go and nearly each and every one of them has a story behind them. If you’ve wondered what is Pink Whitney and what does Pink Whitney taste like, this article will tell you what you need to know. Yet you might also want to know what to mix with Pink Whitney … Read more

Is Budweiser gluten free?

is budweiser gluten free

The mighty King of Beers is now put to the test to defend its title, challenging the question- is Budweiser gluten free. But some are more curious to know- how is Budweiser zero alcohol free, or how is Budweiser a lager? Some pressing minds further want to know- is Budweiser vegan and when is Budweiser … Read more

Is jose cuervo gluten free?

is jose cuervo gluten free

Lovers of tequila might not care to ask- how is Jose Cuervo gluten free, but they certainly want to know what is Jose Cuervo made of. And since tequila is now being targeted by eco-warriors, will agave plants be sustainable in the future? So if you want to learn why is Jose Cuervo not real … Read more