Tessa Brooks Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Tessa Brooks fans may admire her wonderful physique now, but what they didn’t know is that it took the dancer three years to get there.

Curious about Tessa Brooks weight loss transformation? Read up all about what the 22-year old did and didn’t do to lose weight below.

Who is Tessa Brooks?

Tessa Brooks’ love for dancing showed up very early- she started the hobby at the age of two, and continued her passion by appearing on ‘Boss Cheer’ and ‘The Next Big Thing’.

She is now a respectable US dancer and social media personality with around 2.5 million followers on YouTube. Incidentally, it was in 2016 that she decided to undergo a weight loss routine, and a journey that led to the loss of 20 to 30 pounds.

How Did Tessa Brooks Lose Weight?

‘Before and After’ weight loss pictures of Tessa Brooks are very noticeable in a way that the transformation helped her immensely, beauty-wise. Some say that the improvement wasn’t as pronounced as with other celebrities, probably because she has a petite physique, but it’s there nonetheless.

If you want to know how Tessa Brooks managed to lose 20 pounds, look no further. The 22 year old social media influencer regularly opens up to her audience on how she struggled to lose weight (and the steps she took to effectively remove fat).

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So, how did Brooks lose weight? It’s mainly about avoiding certain types of food, understanding the importance of hydration and nutrients that can be had from fresh vegetables and fruits. Plus, she takes to the gym and exercises to maintain an attractive body shape.

Keep in mind that it took nearly three years for Tessa to break out of her weight gain cycle and lose a significant amount of fat. But the good news is that there’s no artificial procedure or surgery involved, and Tessa Brooks weight loss routine is all-natural.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Secrets

In 2019, the 22-year old dancer declared that she was considering losing weight but was having doubts. She tweeted, ‘how can I lose weight when mozzarella sticks are the best part of life?’ which gives us a glimpse of her weight gain problem points.

Tessa admitted on social media that dairy and carbs were her enemies when it comes to effectively slimming down. In order to size down she has to make certain sacrifices and forego the comfort foods that are causing her endless frustrations.

She also said that she’s prone to stress eating, which is an unhealthy habit she’s had since she was young. Stress eating is a condition where the person eats a huge amount of calories (which are often unhealthy) whenever they get stressed. This can seriously disrupt a person’s diet routine and is a cycle that’s very difficult to break.

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To compound the weight loss issue, Brooks has a small body that easily gains extra pounds. She says that when she eats fat- and calorie-laden foods it instantly reflects on her waist in just a few days.

The secret of how Tessa Brooks lost weight isn’t actually a secret at all- she openly shares her routine, as well as her meal plans and the foods she avoids on her YouTube channel. Millions of viewers are treated to the influencer’s beauty ideas and suggestions on how to lose weight and be the best version you can be to achieve your goals and dreams.

Tessa Brooks weight loss transformation is divided roughly into three categories- exercise, food and hydration. These three things are key to her losing 20 pounds of weight and slimming down to a point where she’s not worried about her shape anymore.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Routine

The first thing Tessa Brooks did was to avoid dairy and excessive carbs. It wasn’t easy, as she’s prone to stress eating and so used to consuming cheese and other products but she did stick to the diet and came through successfully in the end.

With dairy out of the picture, she then resolved to eat less fatty foods and replaced it with healthier versions. In her YouTube videos Brooks discusses the importance of eating right, with smoothies, salad and healthy proteins making up most of her daily meals.

In particular, Brooks drinks celery juice and vitamin supplements, and lots of water every day. She avoids cheese, corn, sour cream cheese, white rice and chips and recommends her viewers do the same.

As part of her weight loss journey Brooks has built a home gym and regularly posts workout videos on Instagram. She allots 30 minutes of cardio exercises, does 20 pushups, jumping lunges and planking to get strong abs. Tessa doesn’t skip dance days and this may have contributed to her overall efforts to lose weight.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Results

The immediate result of Tessa Brooks weight loss program is 20 pounds off the influencer’s mass. However, it’s worthy to note that her journey took about 2 to 3 years, but it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon.

Sticking to the game plan is what makes a weight loss routine successful. As long as you’re eating right and avoiding foods that can quickly put on weight then you should enjoy a moderate amount of success. Exercise plays a role as well, and with these two combinations there’s no wonder that Brooks is now enjoying a slimmer physique.

Health-wise, Tessa admits that she feels better than ever. Proper hydration and water intake have made her mind ‘clearer’, and she now has more than enough energy to carry out her daily tasks and activities. In all these things, Brooks admits that she sometimes does cheat days, but if it’s for the good then we can wholeheartedly tell Brooks ‘go for it!’

Tessa Brooks has come a long way from being a cheese and carb junkie to an Instagram model and dancer with a rocking body. She can finally show off on social media without having to worry, and at the age of 22 the future looks bright for the YouTube personality and influencer.

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