Vivian Vance Weight Loss – Diet, Workout & Tips

Vivian Vance may have already passed but she’s definitely not forgotten. An evergreen name in the Hollywood industry, there were talks about Vivian Vance weight loss and a possible eating disorder. But is this all true?

Who is Vivian Vance?

Vivian Vance was an American singer and actress who’s most notably known for her role as Ethel Mertz in the 1950s TV sitcom ‘I Love Lucy’. In her acting career she’s the recipient of several recognitions, including three Emmy nominations and a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1954.

It’s been rumored that Vivian was told to gain 10 pounds before she could be accepted in ‘I Love Lucy‘. It isn’t exactly weight loss, but then she had the opposite problem- gaining weight.

Vivian Vance Weight Loss Diet

‘I Love Lucy’ fans constantly remarked on how slim Vivian looked on camera. They thought that the Hollywood actress was doing some kind of diet or exercise routine that allows her to maintain a svelte body shape.

Vance did not reveal to the public whether she’s on a diet to lose weight, and it’s unlikely that she did during her lifetime. People then began to speculate that the star was suffering from an eating disorder, which explains her body shape.

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It could also be that the pressure she felt at the time, as well as stresses of producing good work in the TV comedy industry taking a toll on her physical and mental well-being. This explains why she was constantly losing weight, and how she wasn’t able to hold on to those extra pounds.

Vivian Vance Weight Loss Exercise Routine

As far as we know and researched, Vivian Vance did not have a special workout program in place. Her weight loss primarily came from the stresses of her job and being unable to meet the TV company’s standards.

During her heyday Vivian may have done the usual daily routine, such as walking and doing household chores and such. However, it’s unlikely that she underwent aerobics, cardio or had a home gym assembled. It’s counterintuitive that she would work out to lose weight, as she was actually trying to gain those pounds back.

That said, Vivian Vance weight loss exercise is likely non-existent. She didn’t have to do anything to lose weight, as it might have been the stresses of living under the limelight that did the trick.

Vivian Vance Weight Loss Secrets

We may never know what really happened in Vivian’s life and why she struggled to gain weight. The rumor that she had an eating disorder is unlikely, but there seems to be a history of it in Hollywood. Take, for instance, the famed singer Karen Carpenter and the condition that led to her death.

Vance never admitted to any eating disorder whether on camera, interviews or in magazines. In retrospect, she was particularly healthy and was able to act well on ‘I Love Lucy’, so the weight loss is probably a non-issue for the Hollywood star.

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As long as you’re in your weight range and are healthy then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. This seems to be Vivian’s stance, and why not? She was able to perform admirably and even won an Emmy in the process.

If you were to take a look at Vivian Vance weight loss before and after photos you wouldn’t see much of a difference. If anything, she seems to slim down more and more as seasons of ‘I Love Lucy’ went on. Her acting skills were so remarkable and unique that in 2012 she was honored as a Hall of Fame Honoree.

Vivian Vance Weight Loss Results

Vivian Vance has probably the most natural weight loss regimen known to man. She didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to maintain a fit physique. Her body metabolism worked to burn the extra fat she had, and she probably did not overeat or overindulge, and didn’t have any bad habits or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Vivian’s weight loss journey is phenomenal in every sense of the word. The actress enjoyed huge success and went on to become a distinguished actress on TV. She’s dearly remembered as the one who played the role of Ethel Mertz, who’s always by Lucille Ball’s side.

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