What do blue takis taste like?

Takis are a popular tortilla chip that was invented way back in 1999. It is a flavored snack that primarily focuses on being spicy and provides you with the perfect kick with its product line-up. There is no denying that Takis has taken North America by storm, resulting in a steep rise in popularity.

Adding to their variety of flavors comes the Takis Blue Heat. Like other Takis, it has a specific flavor and texture. And, people are loving this flavor as well. So, what do blue Takis taste like? If you haven’t grabbed a packet of blue Takis and would have a similar question in mind, this post might be helpful.

What does blue Takis taste like?

To begin with, Blue Takis are traditional tortilla chips that are fun and flavorful. They feature a distinctive rolled design that gives you the right crunchy feeling. Besides, it is covered with a perfect combination of hot chili pepper alongside tangy lime seasoning.

Moreover, Blue Takis are corn chips that are loaded with extra spices and a variety of flavors that leave your taste buds wanting more and more. Apart from that, this spicy snack triggers a sense of feeling good in the brain.

When it comes to quality, the blue Takis are a step down in terms of both texture and flavor when compared with other lookalike chips. Even if some people say that they are extremely spicy, they consist of light spices and taste mostly like lime, which is the core flavor of blue Takis.

Also, the blue Takis taste similar to Takis Fuego with a tangy splash of lime but these come in blue and that makes the difference. If you are ready to face the intensity and handle their heat, the Blue Takis should be the right choice for you. So, don’t stop until it makes your mouth fill with fire.

Blue Takis: An overview of how it tastes

Unlike other blue-colored chips that you find around, the Blue Takis have a distinctive taste that makes them unique. Besides, the color is pretty and it will turn your fingers and tongue a bit blue. While it might upset some people, that’s how it was meant to be.

When it is about taste, the blue Takis has a flavor that almost resembles a tomatillo salsa. In case you aren’t familiar with it, the tomatillo salsa is a Mexican appetizer. And, it looks green all the way. Maybe the company felt that the green color doesn’t fit well on a chip or maybe they are inspired by a popular energy drink and they thought that blue should work for snacks.

Although the company labels Blue Takis as ‘extreme’ when it comes to spiciness, it is not that in reality. It is still tender when you put them inside your mouth. Even if you compare it with other Takis flavors such as the Nitro or Fuego, it is nowhere near them.

There is no denying that blue Takis has a pleasant taste compared to other snacks in its class and that makes it a popular choice among people. In short, the soft taste has a universal appeal and is enjoyable as well. If you are a big fan of chili-lime combination snacks, blue Takis might satisfy you.

Blue Takis are scorching and for good reasons

Blue Takis isn’t just spicy and delicious, but they turn your tongue blue as well. While many people are skeptical about blue Takis, these chips are too flavourful and spicy for them to handle. And, that makes them try it even more.

The flavoring is too strong that the powder eventually gets transmitted into your mouth. They are delicious in every aspect and the flavor comes out more when combined with other light recipes.

Chip lovers regardless of age are all over this new flavor that the chip delivers. They are pleased that it has the right balance of spiciness and sweetness. The flavor has a strong corn essence and is both satisfying and exciting along with added sour lime. Also, the spicy chili taste, in the end, is what makes the blue Takis unforgettable.

While a bag of blue Takis is perfect for four servings, anyone can eat a complete one because of its amazing taste. However, some people might not like it because they preferred intense saltiness. What’s interesting is that sometimes the chips will leave a blue stain on your fingers and you may need a good scrub to clean them.

Blue Takis nutritional facts

Nutrition factsTakis Blue Heat
Units12 pieces (28g)
Total Fat8g
Vitamin D0mcg
Dietary Fiber1g

Blue Takis Ingredients

By the ingredients side, the Blue Takis are compose by:

  • corn flour (processed with lime)
  • vegetable oil (palm and/or soybean and/or canola oils)
  • seasoning
    • maltodextrin
    • citric acid
    • sugar
    • potassium chloride
    • salt
    • monosodium glutamate
    • hydrolyzed soybean protein
    • natural and artificial flavors
    • hydrolyzed yeast
    • soybean oil
    • onion powder
    • blue 1 lake
    • sodium bicarbonate
    • chili pepper (chile)
    • disodium inosinate
    • disodium guanylate
    • tbhq (antioxidant).

Make your meals spicier with blue Takis

The crunchy, natural feeling of blue Takis makes it perfect to combine with many dishes and improve the overall flavor. When it is to drinks, nothing can be smoothing other than Limeritas, the so-called margarita with a twist.

Apart from that, you can make a Takis-crusted fried chicken along with some cream to get the most out of the snack. Here are some food ideas that you may try.

Blue Takis with nachos

Nacho cheese and blue Takis is a wonderful combinations loved by many people. So, instead of having a boring Takis, bring out the best of chili and lime flavor along with nacho cheese.

Blue Takis with grilled cheese

Improve your grilled cheese game by adding a crust of blue Takis on bread. Furthermore, to make the sandwich more awesome, add some seasonings to it.

Blue Takis with chicken wings

Combining chicken wings with refreshing lime flavor is easily achieved through blue Takis to the frying batter. As such the fried Takis will add crispiness to the wings alongside the intense flavor.

Are blue Takis bad for you?

The blue Takis are rolled corn chips that have gardened popularity for their intense, spicy flavor. However, because they are highly processed, blue Takis has rich sodium content. Besides, they lack important minerals and vitamins.

In addition, they may cause significant damage to your digestive system especially if a person has a pre-existing condition such as irritable bowel syndrome or acid reflux. One thing is clear like other spicy snacks, Takis aren’t healthiest either. And, everyone should consume Takis in moderation to enjoy it without having any kind of adverse effects.

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