What Does Burger King Have

Up to this point, it is practically impossible to not know everything about Burger King as they are one of the giants in the fast-food industry. They are well known for their burgers offerings which are often compared to the ones offered by McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and others. While they focus on their flagship offerings, they also tend to offer more items on their menu to catch the attention of multiple customers who desire something else rather than a hamburger, that is why you can see chicken, fries, desserts and much more.

You might be someone who does not tend to visit these fast food restaurants on a regular basis, so, in case you desire to try them once in a while, it would be wise to get to know all of their modern offerings and approaches to have certain information beforehand on what you will be consuming or if you can find what you desire to eat. That is why the next article focuses on discussing a lot of details about Burger King to make sure that you do not miss anything during your visit.

Does Burger King Have Salads?

Yes, Burger King does have salad offerings for those who want to enjoy something else with their burgers. However, they do not offer enough for those who desire a wide selection of salads and dressings as you will only have two options available. The first one is called the Crispy Chicken Garden Salad and the other is the Side Garden Salad, both of them are offered at a different price as the used materials are different.

Having the opportunity of choosing a side salad and a chicken Caesar salad is something good as it enhances the menu, but it could be even better. However, they might not offer quantity, but they surely offer quality as their salads come with gluten-free side dressings and the used ingredients are fresh in the great majority of situations.

Burger King salads menu

In their official site, the salads offers are just two:

  • Chicken Garden Salad
  • Side Garden Salad

Always, remember how this big chains offer different menus in each country. We are taking the US as reference but many other countries will have other products to offer, so always remember to check your countries burger king’s official website to check it out.

Burger King salads nutritional facts

Nutrition factsBurger King Garden Fresh Side Salad w/o DressingBurger King Garden Crispy Chicken Salad
Units1 salad (183g)1 salad
Total Fat4g25g
Dietary Fiber1g3g

Does Burger King Have Milkshakes?

Yes, it is well known that Burger King offers a wide selection of milkshakes and many other frozen drinks at their locations as these prove to be excellent for consumption with their burgers and other items. You can find shakes, whipped cream, frappes, and even iced coffees, and their main feature is the fact that they are highly affordable when compared to other competitors’ offerings, making a good value to add to your meals without breaking the bank.

In the past, Burger King milkshakes were not as popular as they are today due to the fact that their taste was not too authentic and it was falling behind at a fast pace. However, nowadays the situation is completely different as these milkshakes will prove to be creamy, not too sweet, and authentic.

Burger King milkshake menu

In their official site, the milkshake offer is:

  • OREO Cookie Shake
  • Chocolate OREO Cookie Shake
  • Chocolate Shake
  • Vanilla Shake
  • Strawberry Shake

Always, remember how this big chains offer different menus in each country. We are taking the US as reference but many other countries will have other products to offer, so always remember to check your countries burger king’s official website to check it out.

Burger King milkshakes nutritional facts

Nutrition factsBurger King Oreo MilkshakeBurger King Chocolate Milkshake
Units1 order1 order
Total Fat21g16g
Dietary Fiber1g1g

Does Burger King Have Breakfast?

Yes, Burger King does offer a good variety of breakfast options in their locations, but you need to watch out as these are only available from 6 am to 10:30 am, missing this period means that you will not be able to enjoy anything from the breakfast menu. When it comes to what is available, you can find classical offerings like Sausages, Egg and Cheese, Bacons, Croissants, Sandwiches and so much more.

All of these items come at an affordable price, making them a great deal for many individuals who desire to enjoy a quick breakfast without having to wait a lot of time for their food, just keep in mind that you should not arrive when the breakfast schedule is closing as this could prove to be troublesome as no one wants to lose the opportunity of treating themselves with a good classic breakfast.

Burger King breakfast menu

At the moment of writing this, the Burger King’s website just have two products for their breakfast:

  • Mix n Match: 2 Double Croissan’wich
  • Mix n Match: 2 Croissan’wich

Obviously, we know that Burger King offer way more things as breakfast. If we take a look into other’s countries breakfast, as Singapore, we could find the next products:

  • Turkey Ham & Cheese Omelette Platter
  • Pancakes with Sausage Platter
  • Pancakes Platter
  • Turkey Ham CROISSAN’WICH® with Egg
  • Turkey Sausage CROISSAN’WICH® with Egg
  • Turkey Bacon CROISSAN’WICH® with Egg
  • Turkey Sausage CROISSAN’WICH®
  • Mushroom Swiss CROISSAN’WICH® with Egg

Does Burger King Have Ice Cream?

Absolutely, Burger King does offer ice cream in their restaurants, in fact, these are one of their most demanded products due to their unique taste and affordable price. They sell a wide variety of ice creams, sundaes, and the previously explained milkshakes, and the good thing about these offerings is the fact that they are available all day.

It would be wise to try these at least once to see that they are worth it. Keep in mind that it is recommended that you go for the full experience with the available toppings, treat yourself once in a while with one of their cold desserts while enjoying some of their burgers.

Burger King ice cream menu

At the moment of writing this, the Burger King’s website offers the next ice creams:

As we told you in the last section, the offer highly chjange by location and country, to don’t stick to this information and do your own due diligence to find out the offers in your area.

Burger King ice creams nutritional facts

Nutrition factsBurger King Soft Serve Ice Cream w/ ConeBurger King Soft Serve CupBurger King Chocolate Fudge Sundae
Units1 order (100g)1 order (95g)1 order (141g)
Total Fat4.5g4.5g7g
Dietary Fiber0g0g1g

Does Burger King Have Mozzarella Sticks?

Mozzarella sticks is one of those items that have become more popular for the simple fact that they are not only affordable but they also can be well combined with practically anything that is offered in the great majority of fast food restaurants. That is why Burger King could not be the exception, they do offer Mozzarella Sticks that are made with 100% real and fresh cheese that is covered in batter and fried to obtain the perfect crispyness.

They are sold on a 4 pieces presentation, and they will be absolutely outstanding for your meals without adding a lot of expenses as these kind of products are affordable, making them a good choice in many situations.

Does Burger King Have Onion Rings?

Onion rings can be found in Burger King as they are one of the most popular snacks that can be added to burgers, and well, since they focus on hamburgers, it is not a surprise to see this product be on their menu. What is surpsiing tough, is the fact that they are affordable and well made to the point that they could be considered one of the best in the fast food market thanks or being refreshing and made with fresh natural onions.

It is surprising to see that Burger King has practically everything that many fast food enthusiasts require to have a good experience in their locations, just keep in mind that they keep adding more items to their menu, many of them might not be as good as the already established ones, but with time, more outstanding creations can be enjoyed at their locations.

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