What does Canes Have?

Raising Cane’s is a popular American fast food restaurant chain that mainly focuses on offering its signature chicken fingers. It was founded in Louisiana back in 1996 and since its creation, it has been known for its unique offerings and high-quality fresh ingredients that are used for the creation of its menu’s items. Thanks to their fast and impressive offerings, they have become a giant in the fast-food industry, so if you are thinking of trying a new approach, then Canes might be your best choice.

However, before jumping to the unknown, it would be wise to discover more things about Raising Cane’s to see if they are really up to the task. The next article will provide some details about Canes’ services and menu items to determine if they are worth your time.

Does Canes have Dessert?

Sadly, no, Canes does not have any dessert on their offerings as they specifically focus on the offering of juicy and crispy chicken fingers as well as fries, coleslaw, and their signature cane’s sauce. It is a complete shame that they do not have any dessert as that would make them reach perfection.

The closest thing to dessert that they offer is sweet drinks and that might not be enough to satisfy your hunger for dessert, but they deliver results when it comes to non-desserts so do not let this discourage you from paying a visit to their restaurants.

Does Canes have Grilled Chicken?

Once again, a negative answer. Canes do not have any healthy grilled options on their menu, so forget about ordering grilled chicken in any of their restaurants. They focus completely on the offering of fried chicken fingers and fries. However, it is well known that due to the usage of gluten in the breading of the chicken and toasts, they have been offering unbreaded chicken in most of their restaurants.

While unbreaded chicken will never be the same thing as grilled chicken, it will be a “healthier” option compared to the traditional fried chicken that they sell on their menu. But once again, if you are looking for healthy options, Canes does not offer anything like that.

Does Canes have Apple Pay?

Modern businesses should focus on offering modern payment options to enhance the customer experience by accepting more financial options. In the case of Apple Pay, it has become a great service for those who want to pay for things fast without having to rely on carrying debit or credit cards all the time.

Even though they do not list Apple Pay as one of their accepted payment options on their official website, they do accept it in their restaurants. However, it is important to note that they only accept it when you order inside. Those who decide to order via the drive-thru will not have the possibility of using Apple Pay.

Does Canes have Milkshakes?

No, sadly they do not have any milkshakes. They do not offer desserts or milkshakes as they focus on the food, which is their main offering. However, it is important that they do offer a great array of drinks for all ages, but they can be found practically anywhere in other fast-food restaurants as well so they are nothing special.

They offer a variety of drinks like lemonade, sweet and unsweet tea, and fountain drinks, nothing too special but they are always well appreciated.

Does Canes have Ranch?

While Ranch dressing is one of the most popular dressings in the US, there are certain businesses that do not offer this magnificent extra. It is sad to say that Canes is one of those businesses that do not offer Ranch by any means as they are extremely focused on serving their signature Cane’s sauce which is frankly one of the best in the world, but there are people who have a unique taste and sometimes, that sauce is not enough.

Canes have a bad reputation in the saucing as they tend to offer fewer options compared to other fast-food competitors. However, it is important to note that Cane’s sauce is not the only dipping available, in fact, they have 2 other sauces which are the hot sauce (served only on request) and honey mustard.

Does Canes have Honey Mustard?

Absolutely. They not only sell their signature Cane’s sauce but also other choices like hot sauce and fresh honey mustard that is made in their restaurants at the moment that is requested by the customer. Just like the great majority of honey mustard, it is sweet and creamy as it is made from high-quality ingredients like honey, mustard, vinegar, and mayonnaise with a couple of spices.

It is impossible to know what the recipe of Cane’s honey mustard is, but something that can be guaranteed is the fact that it tastes amazing with the chicken fingers thanks to the crispiness and juiciness of the food. A good option to consider if for any reason you do not feel like ordering the signature sauce with your food.

Does Canes have Breakfast?

Sadly, it is safe to safe to say that Canes does not offer any kind of breakfast menu as it is not their strength. The CEO of the restaurant chain has said multiple times that they desire to stay in a “one love” approach, meaning that they desire to keep serving and offering the same products for a long time. There are no plans to introduce any kind of breakfast items as they would only get in the way of their unique approach which is focused on the usage of fresh ingredients to obtain crispiness and juiciness in their chicken fingers, fries, and toast without compromising quality.

If something works, do not try to fix it unless it is extremely required. For Canes, adding more items to their menu could mean a cut in their quality as more food should be served, making the restaurants less practical due to not counting with required tools for the preparation of any breakfast item.

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