What does honey mustard taste like?

Mustard is a multipurpose condiment which is a very common and popular household condiment specially known for its spicy hot notes. Mustard has a range of flavors starting from sweet to spicy, and is commonly paired with cheeses, meat dishes, used as a dip or a spread for sandwiches or also used as a dressing for our salads. It is made from the seed of a mustard plant to many different forms such as powder, thick ketchup or paste, and dried seeds. Most common varieties include; Yellow mustard, Dijon mustard, Whole grain mustard, powdered mustard and Honey mustard.

Let us know more about Honey mustard variety and spice up the condiment shelf a bit more!

What does Honey mustard taste like?

Never tasted honey mustard? Want to know what honey mustard taste like?

Here is your answer….

Honey mustard is a blend or combination of sweet honey and hot, peppery mustard. Due to its blend with honey the mustard actually lacks the hot and peppery notes but it still has a kick of hotness when eaten.

What does Honey Mustard go with?

Do you imagine at times what does honey mustard go with or paired the best with?

Here is the answer you are looking for….

 It is widely used as a dip for different meaty fries like chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, chicken fry, and vegetables like carrots, cabbages, greens, sprouts etc. sandwich spread, hot dogs, wraps, dressing for a green salad, dressing for a chicken salad, roasted potatoes etc. It can be used as a glaze or sauce for salmon or roasted chicken or any meaty dish as well.

What does Honey Mustard have in it?

Very simple and basic ingredients are required which is very easily found in any household and which does not dig a hole in your pocket as well.

If you have never tried honey mustard, I swear you are going to have your next favorite dip or dressing after trying this. You will feel like adding this to everything you eat. So let us hop into knowing the contents of your favorite Honey mustard!

Ingredients to make Honey Mustard (5 serves)

  • cup Honey (raw honey or store bought honey)
  • cup mayonnaise
  • teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • cup Dijon mustard
  • 1 tablespoon white distilled vinegar

Prep time5 mins
Cook Time0 mins
Total Time5 mins

We can make honey mustard by ourselves by whisking and blending until smooth, equal parts of Dijon mustard, Yellow mustard, mayonnaise and honey. And your oh so sweet and creamy honey mustard sauce is ready in five minutes! You can also add a pinch of cayenne pepper and little vinegar for hat extra kick. You even can whisk and keep it in a jar in your condiment shelf or fridge for using it later.

It hits different when you try fried chicken tenders or nuggets dipped in this liquid gold.

You can also check for a juicy youtube honey mustard recipe like this one:

How do we store the honey mustard?

It should be stored in the refrigerator and the jar should be kept as tight as possible but not more than 7 days so you should make sure of the proportion of the ingredients while you make the honey mustard or else the rest will be a total waste for the lack of planning.

Nutritional facts

Calories / serving139
Cholesterol4.6mg (2%)
Total carbohydrate4.1g (5%)
Sodium382.6mg (17%)
Protein0.2g (0%)
Total fat8.2g (11%)
Vitamin C0.2mg (0%)
Dietary fiber0.1g (0%)
Potassium2.9mg (0%)
Vitamin A0%
Iron0.1mg (1%)
Phosphorus3.4mg (0%)

Another easy mayonnaise free honey mustard dressing is loved by many as no mayonnaise ensure less calories hence it is an healthier option. It is also mouthwatering and a perfect option for tossing it with green salads or dips for the meat lovers.

Let us see what is in the mayonnaise free version of our honey mustard sauce:

Creamy Dijon mustard is preferred or else regular yellow mustard will also act as a good substitute.

Honey is the second important ingredient as it will balance the tanginess and spiciness of the mustard. Local raw honey is preferred or else store bought honey can also be a good alternative.

Apple cider vinegar blends with the mustard and results in a lip smacking dressing for salads. Other vinegars can also work as good alternatives but apple cider vinegar is preferred.

Fresh lemon juice is optional but it is recommended if you like that extra note of citrus flavor then go for it. It will make your dressing outstand. Preferably add one to two lemon wedges.

Olive oil can be added for that richness and creamy texture while it blends with the mustard. It adds to the flavor as well.

A dash of salt and ground pepper (black) is a preferred option as well.

Voila! Your mayonnaise free honey mustard dressing is ready. And remember to cover the lid of the container tightly and store in the refrigerator to enjoy the golden dip later.

Tip: for a vegan version of this you can replace or substitute the honey for maple syrup.

What does Honey mustard dressing taste like?

Dressings are essentially for bland salads or those foods which need a dash of extra flavor to enjoy a more balanced taste. Honey balances out the hot and spiciness of mustard with its sweetness. Honey brings out a nice aroma when it is mixed with peppery smelling mustard. We get teary eyed if mustard is sniffed by itself just like Wasabi. Raw honey changes the color and makes the aroma more appealing. Honey mustard dressing goes best with greens, cabbage, carrots, Brussels sprouts, sweet bell peppers, broccoli. It also tastes delicious with fruit salads containing pear, apple, pineapple etc. It is used with preparing salads like coleslaw as well.


Homemade or store made, be it any, we cannot keep drooling over this versatile dip. It is so easy to make and making is not time consuming as well. Healthier option without any preservatives will be the homemade one. And it won’t cost you much even if you make it from the scratch.

Go now try on this dip and drool over.

Happy munching!

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