Which Yogurt Does Not Contain Gelatin? (We Have the Answer)

Yogurt is known for a plethora of benefits. These include bone building and a reliable source of protein. In addition to that, many consumers of this product find it a delicacy, and cannot forego consuming it. In addition to that, taking yogurt plays a critical role in enhancing gut health. The International Journal of Diary Technology states that yogurt enhances lactose tolerance and carries potential for managing weight loss.

However, you might want to know if yogurt contains meat, and in particular, gelatin. Different people choose of vegetarian lifestyle for a plethora of reasons. The most common justification is the people of Jewish and Islam faiths who are very concerned about animals, how they should be treated, and how they should be slaughtered. Others prefer vegetarianism because of ecological reasons such as the need to control depletion of natural resources and the need to manage climate change.

This article is going to explore the issue of yogurt and how it relates to gelatin.

Do all yogurts have gelatin?

In the making of yogurt, there is no actual presence of meat as an ingredient. However, many of the yogurt brands available in the market contain gelatin. Gelatin is used by yogurt companies in order to manage the creamy texture in the entire shelf life of the yogurt. Gelatin is derived from animal tissue, more so the bone and the skin. The source of gelatin is cows, pigs, and fish.

One of the most effective ways of evaluating if a yogurt product contains gelatin is to look at the labeling. Most companies are responsible enough to state their major ingredients, or at least, the major ingredients use.

However, do not worry too much about the presence of gelatin, or lack of it. The fact is that to most people, consumption of gelatin is considered safe by the experts. This, however, is going to be different when you are a vegetarian. If this is the case, then, you need to take the type of yogurt that is not going to contain gelatin. Alternatively, you can choose yogurt products that contain of pectin. This is a gelling agent which is plant-based in order to improve the texture of the yogurt.

Does Greek yogurt have gelatin?

The Yogurt Greek 100 yogurt does not contain gelatin. However, the light yogurt contains gelatin. The straining process in the making of yogurt ensures that the final product is not only thick, but also creamy. In this case, therefore, the need for the use of gelatin is negated.

It should be noted that plain Greek yogurt is a very healthy product when it is compared to the rest of the yogurts in the market. This is because it does not contain added flavors and added sugars. This ensures that whatever you consume is not only healthy, but also vegetarian, thereby serving both of your health and spiritual needs.

When the Greek yogurt companies started catering for the vegetarians, their amount of sales increased by a significant percentage. This shows that the vegetarian market in the US is still a big market, and the major companies have not exploited this market segment.

However, whereas Greek yogurt makers use of ingredients which would pass kosher, the end product is not certified as kosher. This is because the product may use kosher ingredients but is not prepared in a kosher environment. People who believe in kosher should be aware about this so that they can make an informed decision.

Does Chobani yogurt have gelatin?

Chobani does not contain gelatin, and if you are a vegetarian, then this is a very good choice for you. In addition to that, chobani yogurt is going to provide you with a reliable source of protein. Chobani lays a strong emphasis on yogurt that is going to be a source of protein. It is therefore not surprising that the Greek yogurt is a very popular product in the US. The packaging for Chobani yogurt states that its yogurt is made through the live as well as active cultures.

Does Dannon yogurt have gelatin?

Yes, Dannon yogurt contains gelatin. The ingredients in Dannon yogurt, and this is confirmed as much by the website, contain gelatin which comes from the cattle hide. The company does not derive its gelatin from cattle bones. This is a part of the animal that is not edible. Whereas gelatin can also come from vegetables, Dannon cattle hide is derived from hides.

In connection to this, some of the Dannon yogurt products will contain the term kosher gelatin. This means that it contains gelatin, but not one derived from pork. Whereas this is very important to the Jewish, it does not in any mean that it will be a food that is fit for the vegetarian. There are no traces of edible parts of the animal in the processing of this product.

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt is categorized as a dairy product. This means that there is no meat in this product (actual meat). Having discussed that, if you are a strict vegetarian, this is a product that you should avoid. This is because it could compromise your faith needs and the possibility that it will not follow the rules of vegetarianism.

Making Your Own Yogurt

If you are a vegetarian, and you are finding it difficult to make your own yogurt, then you can consider making your own yogurt at home. People who cannot find what they need in the market do make an effort to make their own products which will follow their specification and preferences. In this interesting adventure, you should ensure that the yogurt product that you choose is either diary free or gelatin free. There are some cultures which are not grown in a diary medium.


Many of the yogurts in the market contain gelatin, but a few do not. The following products do not contain gelatin:

  • Dannon frusion
  • Dannon plain nonfat
  • Dannon plain natural
  • Dannon plain lowfat
  • Dannon natural flavors (low fat)
  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Fage
  • Dannon all-natural
  • Chobani Greek yogurt
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